• MAY 24, 2012
  • WRITTEN BY: Aaron Thomas

Powerboat 121What comes to mind when you think of your Dad? It’s probably not the iPod he bought you last Christmas, or the trainers he bought you for your birthday, is it? Usually, when we think of our Dads, we remember. We remember that time he took us camping or fishing, those afternoons playing football in the park, all the times he carried us on his shoulders when we were too tired to walk.

With Father’s Day approaching, there are many people out there wondering what on earth to buy for their wonderful Dad. You want to show him what he means to you, how much you love him, and how grateful you are for everything he’s done for you over the years. Do new socks, ties, cufflinks or golfing paraphernalia really cut the mustard? We don’t think so – Dads spend their lives creating memories, so we think that the best way to show our appreciation is to give a memory back! Here are our top 5 Father’s Day gift ideas…

Fly With a Fighter Pilot
Price £249
One of our most popular experience days – and for very good reason. Channel your inner ‘Maverick’ as you take control of an amazing Bulldog, a low-wing military monoplane used by 10 different Air-Forces. You will fly with an ex-military pilot in a plane that has once been equipped with rockets and machine guns on its underwing hard-points! The instructors will perform a range of stunts such as loops, aileron rolls, barrell rolls, cuban 8’s and many, many more. Then it is your turn, take the controls and play out your childhood fantasies of flying with a fighter pilot!

Supercar For 1
Price £75
This spectacular track driving day is the perfect gift for any petrol head – give them the choice of driving one of the world’s finest supercars on a fantastic racing track! They’ll be spoilt for choice as they lavishly decide between the luxury of a Ferrari 360, a Lamborghini Gallardo, Nissan GTR, Porsche 997 Turbo, an Aston Martin Vantage or the immensely cool Audi R8. Put the pedal to the metal and find out just how super your favourite supercar really is…

Goodwood Mustang GT Experience
Price £135
The iconic Ford Mustang is now in its 5th generation, and this is your chance to get behind the wheel and experience the American muscle. With an absolutely monstrous 5.0L engine, the Mustang GT is a true American beast that can boast a top speed of around 160mph with ease! This symbol of American muscle combines features from all 5 generations and, thanks to its marvellous marriage of mega power and mesmerising looks, is a true legend of the motor world.

Whitecliff 4×4 – Full Day
Price £169
Based in one of the most visually stunning off road centres in the UK; this awesome off road driving experience allows you to learn and practice your 4×4 skills with a qualified BORDA instructor. The massive 40 acre off road site is perfect for all abilities, with a variety of level-based courses and runs designed to train and improve drivers of all skills and capabilities. The picturesque surroundings come complete with a range of obstacles, hills, muddy mounds and much more – perfect for a full day of off road driving!

Powerboat Taster Session
Price £49
Experience the unique thrill of a high speed tour of the Solent in a genuine offshore powerboat. Hold on tight as your highly experienced instructor takes the boat to the limit completing our offshore circuit. Feel the grace and pace of these racing thoroughbreds. This unique experience includes a demonstration of wave jumping, high speed cornering, racing lines and starts. Then you have 2 laps behind the wheel on our circuit to put it to the test.


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