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  • NOV 21, 2018
  • WRITTEN BY: Willow Drewett

Halloween has been and gone, but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy some haunting.  

The London Bridge Experience is perfect for adrenaline junkies wanting a thrill – and ultimately, a scare! Gemma and I had been invited up to the bustling city of London to take part, and we couldn’t wait. Both of us are extremely open-minded and love to challenge ourselves with experiences, especially those involving Horror… 

The atmosphere was perfect for the day’s events: dark, foggy and with a chill in the air! We travelled by train from Brighton to London Bridge, placing us a short walk away from the doors of The London Bridge Experience. As we approached the box office, we were greeted by a Medieval character with blood all over his face, who invited us up onto the stage. A little nervous, Gemma and I wandered up to take our places. Gemma was about to have her head cut off! Just joking… this was a little trick they played on us, the unsuspecting public - but Gemma displayed her best acting skills for the show!

We were then showed to where the experience would begin, and of course this was under the bridge! Around the back of the box office is a dark tunnel, where the dark foreboding doors to the attractions stood. Inside, there was a ticket barrier. We displayed our vouchers and walked through to the waiting area. After a few minutes, the rest of our group arrived, and in no time at all, a Medieval woman opened the doors… The experience had truly begun!

From the Roman invasion, to the Great Fire of London, to details about the bridge’s previous keepers, we were informed all about the history of London Bridge as we followed our host from room to room. Each aspect of the set was cultivated to make the experience as realistic as possible. The props, sound effects, and lighting all came together to make the attraction even more haunting.  Each performer was exceptional, and brought their own charisma to the stage.

My favourite room was the Jack the Ripper scene, where we were taught about his brutal murders and disturbing acts. Gemma and I were shivering with fear by the end of the story. 

Next, it was time to venture into the London Tombs… now, if you haven’t heard too much about this part of the experience, then you may not want to! Participants are given the chance to back out, and due to the nature of the attraction, a few individuals are even advised not to go in at all. I looked at Gemma for support, knowing I would be holding onto her the whole way around. I wasn’t wrong!

We headed deep underground into the tombs, where we were given a safety briefing and a photo opportunity in front of a green screen. The tension could have been cut with a knife, as our whole group was just waiting with bated breath for any sort of jump scare. Finally, it was time! We were instructed to hold onto the shoulders of the person in front of us. Gemma ‘volunteered as tribute’ and became the front of our line. I was behind her, holding on for dear life as I had first expected.

Now, I don’t want to spoil anything, but be prepared for quite a few frights and screams. The London Bridge Experience has been crowned the U.K.’s scariest attraction, and I’m not surprised. The tombs are a waking nightmare – from tight spaces, to creepy clowns, to beaten-up dolls, the tombs have brought the biggest fears to life. 

We finally saw the light of day and escaped through the exit. To our surprise, the tour ended with us in Creams! We definitely needed some sweet relief after our harrowing experience so this was perfect! A huge thank you to Ian and the team for making our visit as terrifying as can be; it was brilliant fun, and I can’t wait to bring my friends along next time for an exhilarating London evening out!


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