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There’s nothing I love more than a relaxing spa day, so when the opportunity arose to visit Champneys Springs I was overjoyed. Situated in Leicestershire, which is a 4 hour drive from our office in Brighton, Champneys Springs is favoured by many sportsmen and women – and you can see why, due to the cycle routes and long list of therapeutic treatments. After a delicious breakfast, Willow and I followed our trusted satnav to the venue, and it wasn’t long before we saw a sign that read ‘Champneys Springs'! 

The spa is within 31 acres of picturesque, private parkland and after pulling into the spacious carpark, we eagerly walked towards the entrance. A bridge guided us over a water feature and towards the Chinese-inspired doorway, which was surrounded by red trees. We were pleasantly welcomed by the receptionists, and offered a complimentary drink as we signed in, followed by a tour of the facilities. After changing into our robes and Champneys flip flops, we made our way to the restaurant for our three-course lunch. There was a marvellous, healthy selection of food in the middle of the dining area. We started with tomato and basil soup and crusty bread, before filling our plates with delicacies including Caesar salad, perfectly cooked new potatoes, mussels and fresh vegetables. I found the pesto gnocchi particularly delicious. We finished the meal with a raspberry mousse, and, feeling energised, made our way to one of the many opulent relaxation areas, which are in and outside the spa.

During your visit to Champneys Springs, you have access to all the leisure facilities including the gym, which has a fantastic view, an array of fitness classes, a swimming pool, a steam room and a sauna. There is also a wide range of Champneys treatments that you can book in, such as the relaxing head in the clouds massage or a rejuvenating facial. We decided to take part in a thalassotherapy session in the tranquil thalasso pool! Having heard this treatment is incredibly detoxifying and relaxing, I was very excited to take part. A group of us were led into the treatment room and told of the multiple benefits, including muscle and joint relaxation (perfect if you have been stressed), improved circulation, and skin benefits due to the warm salt water. With many multi-purpose jets placed around the pool and a jacuzzi in the middle, the thalasso pool left Willow and I feeling revitalised! 

The purpose-built spa also has a selection of boutique shops within the venue.  With Champneys shop assistants on hand to take care of you, you can treat yourself or a loved one to a luxurious purchase. I couldn’t help but buy some Clarins skincare products. As the sun began to set, it was time to leave the luxurious Champneys spa, and head back to Brighton, feeling refreshed.  

Thank you to Matthea and all the Champney’s staff for inviting us and making our experience amazing!  


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