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What a beautiful day it was to wake up to! The sun was pleasantly shining, and bright blue skies covered Brighton, which made the excitement of today’s activity even more exhilarating. We travelled down the beautiful Sussex coast towards Hailsham, a small town located just outside of Eastbourne. This was where today’s Amazon Events quad biking experience would be held. Amazon Events offer multiple outdoor activities including quad biking, dirt buggies, archery, shooting, and paintballing, and many more thrills. The parking is easily accessible and situated round the back of Knockhatch Adventure Park (keep following the route from the entrance of Knockhatch, and you can’t miss it!).

Once we’d arrived, we packed up our essentials (don’t forget your sun cream!!) and headed down the trail towards the Amazon Events site. We were welcomed by an open-plan field full of activities and tracks ready for our enjoyment! A camouflage-decorated hut is immediately to your left as you approach the field, where soft drinks, snacks and burgers are available to order.

Here, a lovely young man called Nick greeted us and asked for our booking name. His customer service was excellent, offering plenty of advice and reassurance (I had never been on quad bikes before, so this was great!). He then assigned us with crash helmets and took us over to the quad biking area for a well-presented safety briefing. My enthusiasm to jump on was continuously growing, and I couldn’t wait to get going! The instructions to drive the quad were extremely simple: front throttle for acceleration and two grips, the same as a regular bicycle, for braking. A small pedal positioned by your right foot could be used as a handbrake if required. 


It was like no time had passed as we were speeding off into the woods! There were countless twists, turns and bumpy tracks to keep us all entertained. The trail then heads into the valleys and open fields which really challenges your ability - try not to lunge yourself into bushes like I almost did! The experience lasts 60minutes, although a 30-minute alternative is also available. This was the perfect amount of time to take in the scenic surroundings and get the most out of the activity. On your route around the site, you’ll see all the other activities on offer which is brilliant when deciding what next to complete! 


Afterwards, we returned our helmets and had a bite to eat before heading home. What a great day it was, and I can’t wait to try quad biking out again. Our thanks have been passed onto Nick and the team for making this experience a success!


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