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On a sunny Thursday morning, the four Experience Days interns took part in an Off Road Buggy Driving Experience. As we drove up the long, winding driveway, we were stunned by the beautiful countryside and animals grazing. Then, we saw a sign reading ‘Amazon Events This Way!’. We were greeted by Nick who was very friendly, offering us refreshments before going through the plan of action. 

In the distance, I could see four buggies lined up all ready to go, surrounded by a large, muddy track. The experience began with a safety briefing from a member of staff who highlighted the importance of being properly secured in the buggy. As well as safety tips we were also told how safe and stable the buggies were, so we shouldn’t be worried about going fast!

After this, it was onto the racing! Each heat consisted of two drivers. The driver in the front buggy went first with a five second gap between them and the second. Stopwatches recorded our times as we sped round the challenging track! A mixture of terrain created a bumpy ride at times, where your driving ability was put to the test. The occasional sharp corners meant braking fast or drifting with the course. Finishing off on a straight, our feet were flat on the acceleration pedal willing the car along to reach its top speed. The chequered flag was in sight! Then, in what felt like half a second, we crossed the line and the stopwatch was pushed to a stop. With adrenaline still pumping through us, we pulled up into the ‘pits’ where we were assisted out of the buggy. 

Then, it was the next two girls turn to race. There were four heats in total, each consisting of two laps. Each time, we could see we were knocking seconds off our times - and this drove the competitive streak out of us! When the heats came to an end, we all gathered around the podium to hear the results. I was very happy to be announced the winner and was presented with a bottle of fizz, which I opened on the podium as though I had just won the Grand Prix! Nick and the team who ran the event was enthusiastic and obviously loved their job, which made the experience even more enjoyable as everyone was having a great time! 

Overall, we all had an amazing time racing the dirt buggies. A highlight would definitely be when my colleague, Willow, did an accidental donut in the buggy sending tires everywhere! The buggies being so low to the ground means that, even when you do misjudge a corner, you feel safe. I would recommend this experience to anyone wanting a thrill!


Welcoming Our New Interns, Willow & Gemma


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