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  • JUL 10, 2018
  • WRITTEN BY: Willow Drewett

Having never participated in an archery or shooting experience before, I was particularly intrigued when we had the opportunity to have a shot at it down in Hailsham, East Sussex! Many of my friends and family have encountered archery and shooting before, and whether professionally or as a beginner, all seem to have had a great time. 

The drive down to Amazon Events, the outdoors organisation holding today's experience, was no more than 45 minutes from our Brighton office. As we arrived, we were pleasantly greeted by the Amazon Events team who pointed us in the right direction towards the archery and shooting range, (the brightly coloured targets weren’t hard to miss mind!).


Nick was our fabulous marshal for the day. He was great fun and helped us all get the most out of our experience. Once we were all set up with our bows and arrows, Nick went through the simple instructions and safety brief before assigning us with a variety of challenges; most individual, some as a pair and a few as a group (we won the group challenge – Team Vs Marshall, Woo!). There are 12 targets available which is great for large parties! 

The air rifle shooting range was positioned right next door to the archery site, so we were quick to shoot on over and get started. I really enjoyed this activity - it was a brand-new experience which I had never considered yet surprisingly got the hang of really quickly and loved every minute! 

To begin with, Nick sorted us out with our guns (likewise with the bows, there are some left-handed guns available!). To ensure we all held and loaded the guns cautiously, we were given a safety consultation and careful instructions on how to position our guns and how to use the scopes – that little magnifier to help you aim. The session setup allowed each participant room to either sit, lay or lean, depending on what was most comfortable for you.


There were plenty of targets to aim for; miniature targets, metal spinning targets and my favourites - the sitting duck targets! It was great fun and really exposed our competitive nature as we all strived to hit our targets down first. 


After a very animated hour of archery and air rifle shooting we all cooled down with a soft drink back at Amazon Events' seated refreshment area. We had a great time and would highly recommend this experience!


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