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  • JUL 6, 2018
  • WRITTEN BY: Rebecca Wilkinson

I can’t believe I’m actually having to write my leavers blog and that my year at Experience Days as the Marketing Assistant and Experience Reviewer is now officially over. It’s been an incredible year – even that is an understatement! A year ago, when I got offered this job for my placement year, I never expected that I would get the opportunity to try out soo many amazing experiences, from bungee jumping, a helicopter tour, quad biking, jet skiing, 4x4 driving, yoga in The Shard just to name a few. I have also worked with a fantastic team of very bubbly people and have found that the office environment has always been great fun. 

So, here are the best bits from my placement year at Experience Days: 

First Day At Work

Before I started my placement, I was told by the current interns that we’d be going on a supplier visit on my first day at work, but it was all going to be a big surprise and wouldn't be revealed until I arrived. It turned out to be a wonderful afternoon tea bus tour around London and it really was as fantastic as it sounds. The tour allowed me to relax and get to know the other new intern Blossom, learn the ropes around the job by the current interns and also witness some amazing sights of London.  

160 Foot Tandem Bungee Jump 

Every year Experience Days team take part in a 160 foot bungee jump down at Brighton Marina and when I first heard about this I was definitely a little unsure as to if I wanted to complete this crazy challenge. However, at the start of the job I told myself that as I was only at Experience Days for one year and that I really needed to make the most of every opportunity that I was given, so I took the plunge. Although on the day I just looked up in horror at the giant crane, I knew I had to go ahead and I couldn’t really let Blossom the other intern down, as it was a tandem jump. Although I kept my eyes shut the entire way up, once the count down began and we were flying through the air I got the most amazing thrill and loved every second of it. When I reached the ground although I was pleased to be at the bottom, I just wanted to go straight back up and do it all again! 

London Sights Helicopter Flight 

My top experience has to be a tour around London by HELICOPTER! Never did I ever expect to experience a helicopter tour and to be flying over London, this was just the most surreal day ever. As the helicopter took off I just couldn’t stop smiling the entire time, as I was just blown away by the unbelievable sights below me. 

5K Inflatable Santa Run

At Christmas Robb (Experience Days Manager) and I decided it would be fun to take part in the UK’s only inflatable 5k obstacle course. This was a great laugh, as everyone was dressed in a Santa suit and were hurtling over the obstacles and racing around the challenging course. 

One Hour Yoga Class at The Shard

One of the partners that I set up with Experience Days this year was with Yogasphere who offer a yoga class up on level 24 of The Shard, so of course we had to go and check this one out! Although I was absolutely hopeless at yoga, which probably made the video we were making very entertaining, I did thoroughly enjoy myself. The backdrop view of London to our class was just sensational and this made it a really unique experience. 

A Visit to Bournemouth for a Full Weekend of Activities 

In the summer Blossom and I took a drive to Bournemouth for a weekend jam-packed with activities, as we got to complete a 4x4 drive, segway tour, gin and tonic tasting, jet skiing and a surf lesson. It was great because as this is where I go to University, I have now discovered some amazing venues to visit with my friends. I have already re-booked myself to do the jet-skiing again, as this was such a fun and adrenaline fuelled experience. My highlight of this would have to be getting up close to Durdle Door and speeding across the water. 

There are just soo many amazing experiences that I’ve been able to complete this year and I can honestly say that each and everyone one of them were run by such an amazing team of people who showed such high energy and passion for their experience. I have definitely gathered enough gift ideas for my friends and family to last a very long time! 

To finish off, I just want to say a massive thank you to everyone at Experience Days for the most incredible placement year.  I also want to wish Gemma and Willow the new interns who have become Experience Days Marketing Assistant and Experience Reviews the best of luck, you’re going to have one unforgettable year!  


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