• APR 5, 2012
  • WRITTEN BY: Aaron Thomas

To celebrate the launch of our new Tandem Skydiving category and the fantastic range of skydives that are now available in it, we thought we’d take a look at some of the incredible journeys and crazy adventures that skydiving can provide.

From skydiving in a car to free falling in a kayak, and from no parachute to landing on a moving target; it would appear the adrenaline junkies have a great deal of scope for making jumps even more memorable. Because the spectacularly surreal sensation of free fall just isn’t enough for some!

In no particular order, here are some of our favourite skydiving videos:

1. Travis Pastrana Jumps With No Parachute!
We don’t think this one needs much more of an introduction, as super extreme adrenaline junkie Travis Pastrana enjoys a spot of safety-free skydiving…

2. Skydiving With A Glider!
Combining more extreme sport activities surely has to make skydiving even more adrenaline inducing…

3. Skydiving In A Kayak!
Well if gliding makes it in for being extreme, how about paddling against the current… or turbulence!

4. Skydiving in a Car
Continuing the extreme combinations of our many experience elements, driving has to be in there… and here it is! At least this is a convertible!

5. Omar Alhegelan Meditating
If the extreme thrills of free fall get a bit much, why not curl up your legs and chill out for a few minutes? The slow motion peacefulness of this video is stunning…

6. Gymnastic Free Fall
It’s not just Omar who likes to chill out with a bit of gymnastic free fall, as this elegant display clearly shows!

7. Landing On A Moving Target!
Making something memorable out of the free fall is one thing, but making a special entrance back on land requires a whole new level of brawn and bravado – as seen with this perfect landing on a moving van!

8. Five Year Old Skydiver
The earlier you learn something, the better you’ll become at it – so imagine how good this little boy will be in a few years! He has to be the coolest kid in school!

9. HALO Jump 30,000ft
At double the height of the highest tandem skydive in the UK, this HALO jump requires breathing apparatus and provides over two minutes of free fall!

10. Fazza Skydiving
The slow motion free fall and the fantastic views of this Fazza Skydiving made it in for highlighting the beauty and freedom of free fall.

So if all of that isn’t enough to get free fall fancy well and truly tickled, imagine your face looking like this…


Urban Edits: Bill F & Jay S Start Proceedings


Paragliding at 101 – Guinness World Record



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