• MAR 20, 2011
  • WRITTEN BY: Evie Stacey

Your niece, nephew, or godchild has a birthday coming up-and you have to pick out a present. Buying presents for kids can be tough if you’re not used to doing it. But the key to finding the right present is to know the kid’s passions. Young children often have intense likes and dislikes. Find out what those are, and you can easily find a gift that will make them happy. Here are six types of kids-and the presents that will make them jump for joy.

The Pop Idol.

She loves to sing-she sings in the shower, on the way to the school bus, and even at the store. She loves Kylie Minogue or Madonna, and she’s always turning hair brushes into microphones. Kids like this are easy to find presents for. Why not find her a kids’ karaoke machine with a microphone? Or perhaps treat her to a recording experience day, where she’ll get to record her own song and take home her very own CD. She’s sure to love a gift that makes her feel like a pop idol.

The Animal Lover.

She has a thousand stuffed animals. Her favourite shows all feature animals, and she always smiles when she sees a dog or cat. If she’s old enough, one of the best gifts to give an animal lover is a new pet. She’ll have to be old enough to know how to feed and take care of an animal, and the parents will have to approve-but this would easily be the best gift at the party. If it isn’t possible, consider taking her on a zoo experience day-where she gets to shadow a keeper, feed the animals, and see lions, tigers, and other exotic animals up close.

The Action Hero.

His favourite movies are James Bond reruns, and he wants to be a spy when he grows up. Or maybe he loves Bruce Willis and wants to be a policeman. Either way, you have an action hero on your hands-and it’s time to get him a present. Action kids love to do things as much as they love to get things-so take him and his friends out for a little paintball. Or maybe a spy experience day, where he’ll get to learn the finer points of espionage. You could even take him to ride a tank-and he’s sure not to forget that!

The Race Car Driver.

He loves cars. He’s got a thousand Matchbox cars, he loves racing, and his favourite thing in the world is to go fast. Satisfy his need for speed by taking him on a driving experience day. He’ll get to ride in a sports car like a Porsche or Ferrari, or maybe even a real Formula-1 race car. If he’s lucky, he’ll even get to drive for the first time. Or why not take him to a junior rally? It’s sure to give him an experience he’ll remember for the rest of his life.

The Sailor.

She loves to be on the water. She’s not afraid to get her hair wet-in fact, she dives right in. Her favourite place in the house is the bath tub, and she loves to go to the pool or the beach. She’s a water lover at heart, and finding a gift for her is easy. Younger kids may love a radio-controlled boat. If she’s older, take her windsurfing, waterskiing, or jet-skiing-she’s sure to get a kick out of it. For younger kids, a nice, easy yacht ride is sure to get them excited about boats. Skimmer boards are safe for kids as young as three years old.

The Pilot.

He loves planes. Nothing gets him more excited than a plane trip. Maybe he’s got plenty of model airplanes in his room, or maybe his favourite movie is Top Gun. The pilot is easy to please. If he’s young, get him a radio-controlled plane. If he’s old enough, treat him to a helicopter ride, or-if he’s older-get him a thirty-minute flying lesson. If he’s too young to fly the plane, he can still have a ride. Or perhaps treat him to a ride in a glider, a microlight aircraft, or even a hot air balloon. Whatever the vehicle, soaring high above the earth is sure to get him excited. Birthdays are a time for excitement, celebration-and great gifts. Take the child’s personality, likes and dislikes into account when choosing a gift. With these suggestions, yours is sure to be the best present at the party.


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