• MAR 21, 2011
  • WRITTEN BY: Evie Stacey

You have a gardener in the family. Maybe it’s someone who’s always giving away home-grown vegetables, or whose window box is always blooming. Either way, someone you’re close to has a green thumb-and her birthday is coming up. You’re lucky that the person you’re shopping for has a passion like gardening. There are plenty of wonderful gifts for gardeners, and you’re sure to find something your green thumb will love. Here are a few ideas for gifts that will make her day.

Knee pads. Believe it or not, knee pads are a very considerate gift for gardeners. Gardeners spend a lot of time kneeling outdoors, and they can get sore after a while. When buying knee pads for a gardener, keep in mind that you can’t just buy the same pads you’d wear playing sports. There are knee pads on the market made specifically for gardeners. They’re flexible and lightweight, which is important as gardeners have to stand up and kneel down a lot. Look for a pair that’s waterproof, so that her knees won’t get damp when she kneels in the grass.

A heated waistcoat. It can get chilly on those early mornings. Get your gardener a heated waistcoat to keep her warm while she works outside. These can be made like an electric blanket, with a small battery pack sown in. Many models are designed to go over sweaters or beneath heavy coats. However she chooses to wear it, it’s sure to keep her warm during the cold season while she’s tending her garden.

A really nice set of gloves. Gloves for gardeners aren’t just about looks. The best gloves are strong but breathable, and which pair is right for her can depend on the season and temperature. When looking for a pair of gloves, choose one with leather reinforcement at the palm and fingers and a lightweight, breathable fabric for the rest of the body. This way, she’ll be able to pull the toughest weeds without discomfort, and her hands will stay cool and comfortable. If she already has a great pair of lightweight gardening gloves, look for a winter pair with a warm fleece lining instead.

Something for the garden. Most gardeners take intense pride in their gardens. In addition to plants, they might bring in decorations such as bird baths, statues, and sundials. If your gardener likes these enhancements, pick something out that you think will look nice. This type of gift will take some thought, however. Not every gardener likes these things, and their tastes can be very specific. It will require you to look at her garden and perhaps have a conversation about the things she likes to keep there. And be sure to follow her style the best you can. If she loves Greek columns and ornate bird baths, a pink flamingo may not be the perfect gift.

A new plant. Your gardener may love a hanging basket of flowers, a packet of seeds for an unusual plant, or even a nice planter full of vegetable plants. Try to choose something that will work well in her environment, however. If her garden is shady, for example, choose a plant that will grow in shade.

A subscription. There are plenty of excellent gardening magazines out there, such as Gardener’s World, Kitchen Garden, and Gardening Which? If you have a gardener in your family, she may appreciate a subscription to a magazine that will give her ideas for her own garden, plus tips to keep the weeds away and her plants healthy. If she has specific interests such as organic gardening or English gardens, there are plenty of niche gardening magazines that cater to a more focused audience.

Something for the pond. Does she have a pond in her garden? Why not buy her a fancy goldfish, a beautiful water plant, or something practical like a pond vac? If you’re buying something live for her pond, be sure to get a sense of whether it’s appropriate first. Some ponds aren’t maintained to keep goldfish, and some species of fish are not compatible with each other. For a gift like this, it may be good to speak with someone close to her or maybe mention in passing how nice a beautiful Koi goldfish would look in there, and see what she says. There are plenty of gift ideas out there that are sure to please the gardener in your life. Do some research, get an idea of what she needs, and take some time in choosing a gift-and you’re sure to find something she’ll love.


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