• MAR 11, 2013
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Always find yourself behind the camera instead of in front? Then we have just the experience for you, fresh out of the studio – learn how to shoot fashion photography like the professionals. We catch up with one of the owners, Matthew, to find out more.

Please explain your journey as ‘Shooting Beauty’ so far.

The concept of Shooting Beauty grew from a bizarre coincidence. My partner, Nina Malone, and I first met while giving a lecture to aspiring freelancers in the fashion industry in 2005. We then sporadically bumped into each other in various situations over the following 6 years until I asked her to work on a project I was involved in. In 2011, we were working on separate proposals when we met for coffee to discuss what each of us was up to. When we presented our business plans they were almost identical.

Shooting Beauty’s first aim was to give aspiring freelancers access to an experienced fashion team with pro models in stunning locations. This opportunity would form the basis of a portfolio that most could not achieve if using friends or family. Our second objective was to make sure that every member knew what to do with their images, and so we went back to our roots of teaching and started to offer business development and support. We are thrilled that we can now invite all levels, from a budding fashion photographer to the guy who received his first camera at Christmas to experience what it’s like to be a fashion photographer for real. The buzz of shooting stunning models with a full fashion team of stylists, hair and make-up artists in cool and unique locations is hard to beat.

Hands down one of the best aspects of the job is seeing the photographer progress from a nervous wreck to an old pro in the space of a few hours. We offer guidance in all areas, from setting up the lights and using the camera to directing the models. By the end of the day most photographers, however inexperienced, are telling the models where they want them and shooting like a pro.

What has been the biggest or most memorable event you’ve provided?

We’ve produced hundreds of events since opening our doors and every one of them has their high points. More interestingly, some of our photographers that come through our doors have gone on to work with some huge names: Vivienne Westwood, Sony, London Fashion Week, Paris Fashion Week, Vogue Italia, OK Magazine, Semprey Magazine and a lot more. Regardless if you come to shoot with us for an experience or to further your career, it is amazing to see how many continue to do something with their camera.

Is there any inside information you can give us?

Being a fashion photographer is an immensely enjoyable experience and it gives you a great sense of self-confidence and power. To be able to direct beautiful models and take stunning photos that will surpass your expectations is a unique thrill. The people who get the most out of their day are the ones who really embrace the idea of taking control. By that, I mean allowing your personality to come through and interacting with the team and models throughout the day. Have fun with it and you’ll not only have an amazing experience and learn something, but you’ll also take photos home that will amaze you.

Do you have any exciting plans for the future that you’d like to tell us about?

We have just launched an international version of Shooting Beauty, rather imaginatively called Shooting Beauty Abroad. It is a fashion holiday that will take place in the south of Spain. The holiday includes 5 days of fashion shoots with a full team and European models. We’ll be staying in a luxury villa with private pool, tennis court, al fresco living and we’ll run extra fashion workshops in the evening.  It’s going to take place in September and will be for a limited number of participants. So bring on the sun, sand and shooting … it’s going to be hot!

Thank you Matthew! If this sounds like just the experience for you or a loved one, why not book a shoot? Happy fashion snapping!


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