• MAR 5, 2013
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Experience Days love to bring you new and exciting experiences, and this one is brilliant for the summer months we’re hoping to get this year – golfing lessons in Stroud. We asked Peter, the owner of the golfing school itself, some questions to really get into the swing of things.


Please explain your journey as ‘Peter Dangerfield Golfing Lessons’ so far.
Well, I started caddying at my nearest Golf Club (Minchin Hampton, Old Club) when I was 13 years old for ‘Bob a Job week’ for the Cubs/Scouts. From then on I was hooked on the game, successfully getting down to a 2 handicap when I was around the age of 17/18. I then went on to work in my local pro shop, which is when I became interested in the swing techniques. My career really took off though when the son of the professional (Roger Brown) from the pro shop invited me to Denmark.

I get great satisfaction from helping novices not only hit a ball, but hit a ball in the correct way. The golf swing is a beautiful movement when produced in a harmonised way.

Would you say that’s the best part of your job?
It definitely comes close; I especially enjoy junior coaching and spotting a future star in the making. I find the real challenges come when players become well established and think they have arrived – human psychology is a must in these situations.

What has been the biggest or most memorable event you’ve provided?
I’ve enjoyed my fair share of memorable events, including an amazing family-related one – my step-daughter, Karina Orum, turned professional as the first Danish Lady European Tour Player! She narrowly missed out on a Solheim Cup place played in Wales, but had several runner up places notably to Laura Davis.

Another unforgettable moment is from one of my pupils, Morton Backhausen, who won the European Amateur Championship at Royal Dornoch in the 90s. It made me incredibly proud to be his teacher.

As for me personally, when playing in the Spanish Open in 1982 I remember seeing Seve Ballesteros on the terrace of the clubhouse picking up my Tommy Armour clubs and wielding them with delight, even showing Neil Coles just how special my clubs were.

That all sounds so incredible. Okay, now to find out a little bit more about you, your practice methods and maybe a little inside information?
I like to practice with a pre-set method, which is setting the wrist break at 90 degrees before rotating the upper body on the backing swing. This is a great way of getting to the top of the back swing correctly (book a lesson and you will see this in real time).

Otherwise, I use a 5 point swing technique after good grip, aim, stance and posture principles. It’s quite basic really, however, making sure the pupil understands the various points we are working on and assessing what limitations each individual has (physically and mentally) is important too. Playing with equipment that fits each person is vital as it can become more expensive in the long run, and will save shots as well as aiding a better technique for the individual. If you’re looking for new golfing equipment we always recommend talking to your local golf professional or the golf professional that knows your swing the best.

Do you have any exciting plans for the future that you’d like to tell us about?
I have a great indoor coaching facility with the latest video technology and I am constantly adding to it. Right now I am joining Golfproconnect so I can participate in internet lessons for the many golfers who have no time to drive to the club for lessons. However, you can`t beat the real thing and this is why I have joined you guys at Experience Days, so I can get my message out to more players and give them a chance of a positive, productive golf lesson.

Thank you for talking to us today Peter, we look forward to hearing about all the huge success with your future students!


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