• APR 19, 2013
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Here’s a driving day, with a twist – Segways! Our new supplier interview this week is with Stuart from Ride Segway, based in the North West, Merseyside. Here at Experience Days we love to hear everything about our suppliers, from their history to their future plans … and what better way to find out all about it than with an interview?!

Hi Stuart, please explain your journey as ‘Ride Segway’ so far, and what you love most about the industry for our blog readers.

Hi! Well, I’ve been in the ‘days out’ industry since I was 16 (9 years), working at several theme parks in the UK, and I would have to say I love being able to provide our guests with a fabulous day out the most! It really is my favourite part of the job; watching people come to spend time on our attraction, not because they have to, but because they want to! It makes my job all the more enjoyable, being able to give a customer a unique and memorable day out.

I first went on a Segway in Madrid, whilst on a city tour with some friends, and ever since then we’ve wanted to do it back in the UK. I’m a massive outdoors person, so although the weather isn’t always great, nothing stops me from getting out and about.

We’ve heard riding a Segway can be a little harder than it looks, have you found this? Or do you find yourself facing many challenges?

I’ve been asked this a few times actually, and I always say that everyone is different. Training can take a bit longer with some guests, but everybody loves it once they’re confident. In the Segway world they call it a ‘Segway Smile’, a smile which appears whilst riding a Segway. I get to wear one almost daily – it’s brilliant!

What has been the biggest or most memorable event you’ve provided?

We’re still reasonably new, but it’s just as exciting getting up and running and offering these experiences to guests in the North West.

Is there any inside information you can give us?

People over-think when trying to learn the Segway. The moment you stop thinking about it (or looking at your feet) you’ll start to glide no problem. It’s amazing how many people forget how to ‘step off’ backwards – too much over thinking. You need to be a bit brave on a Segway, and start to trust the machine and believe that it will balance you.

Do you have any exciting plans for the future that you’d like to tell us about? 

We’re always looking for new and exciting locations, and during 2013 we hope to add a couple more to ensure everyone in the North West can enjoy these great machines. They are still quite new in the UK, and a buzz is always created whenever we go on a glide.

People are now looking for something a bit different than your average ‘theme park day out’. A memorable experience is what we offer; you’ll always remember a Segway glide, and hopefully more specifically, a RideSegway glide!

Thanks for talking to us today Stuart, you’ve definitely created a buzz in the Experience Days office!


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