• APR 22, 2013
  • WRITTEN BY: Admin

Jo on the Road’ has been out and about again! This week, my Mini adventure took me to Redhill, where I learnt to shoot clay pigeons. What a blast – standing in position, holding the gun, preparing to fire, and taking a shot. Normally I go to review our experiences on my own, but not this time. On my visit to Redhill I’m joined by Evie – the ‘next me’! Evie will soon be taking my place in the Mini driving seat to travel across the country, experiencing everything from driving days to cupcake making! Lucky her, right?

The instant warm welcome after arriving at the centre made us feel right at ease, as did the tea and bacon sarnies that we were able to tuck into for a very small amount … both hitting the spot on a fairly chilly day in April (typical English weather)! Before heading over to the shooting range we’re introduced to our fabulous and knowledgeable instructor, Karl, who gives a brilliant introduction to the world of shooting and shows us a number of guns, which are actually a lot heavier than we expected!

First up is Evie, who gets the hang of shooting almost instantaneously! She managed to hit the majority of targets and most of those exploded in every direction possible! I warn you though, the first firing of your gun may make you jump a little as Evie found out – she even gave a little squeal in shock! After 10-15 minutes of practising her aim and skills on a number of clays being fired from different directions and coming at her from all different heights at different speeds, it was my go…

Stance down, gun in the right position, one eye closed, and I’m ready to go! Well, it’s safe to say my shooting skills are no match for Evie; I only successfully hit a few (a couple spot on), and the rest were a little too low. Although, towards the end of my session Karl definitely had me skimming a fair few … I think I just need a little more practice…

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