• FEB 25, 2011
  • WRITTEN BY: Aaron Thomas

As news broke from the Daily Mail that Prince William is to enjoy an extreme sports based stag do – we thought we’d lend our expertise and suggest a few of the finest experiences available, making his final day / night of freedom filled with adrenaline and definitely one to remember!

With so much planned for the finest stag-do available, we’d recommend a two day session with a night out in London. So, to kick things off…

Aerobatic Flying 08:00-11:00

To start off the ultimate stag do, we’d recommend a morning trip to Kemble Airport for the finest flying experience available, performing aerobatics such as barrel rolls, loop the loop and much more in the Extra 300 aerobatic plane! With an ex-RAF pilot sat behind, the G-Force and views are incredible as your stomach lifts up to your mouth and back down a few times! You’ll even get chance to fly the incredible plane yourself!

ZapCat Racing 12:00-14:00

After conquering the celestial challenge of aerobatic flying, we’d suggest its aquatic equivalent; ZapCat Racing! The insanely powerful ZapCats were originally designed as rescue boats before turning into the most popular off-shore powerboat race series. Prepare for more G-Force (2-3G’s in the turns) as you leap 6 foot out of the water… hitting 50mph from standstill in just 3seconds! An incredible experience in which you’ll once again get chance to power the ZapCat yourself!

Motocross Experience 15:00-17:00

Next up on the adrenaline filled final weekend of freedom we’d suggest padding up for the fastest thrill on 2 wheels, at Yamaha School’s motocross circuit! With expert tuition and 450cc Yamaha Motocross bikes to enjoy; you’ll be exploring your limits as well as the challenging terrain!

Exclusive Central London Bungee Jump 18:00-20:00
It wouldn’t feel right if we made a suggestion that didn’t include Bungee Jumping, and what could be better than suggesting the home of our Guinness World Record – at Central London’s only jump site next to Tower Bridge! The standard jump is 160ft, but as it’s you we’d pull a few strings with our exclusivity and get the 400ft crane down…if you’re going to do it – you may as well do it properly!

We think that’d be enough for one day, so after a good night’s rest (or a night on the juice, as you’re already in London) wait till we’ve got lined up for day two…

Paintball Experience 09:00-11:00

We’d start day two with the ultimate group activity – Paintballing! This also gives Harry the chance to show off his skills in the art of combat as you are challenged with capturing the flag, shooting the target and ‘disarming the bomb’! The bruises aren’t that bad and will be cleared by the big day…probably.

Forest Rally With Dave Higgins 12:00-15:00

After pitting your wits in the woods aiming to stay paint-free, we’d suggest relaxing with a nice drive in the forest…with professional rally driver trainer Dave Higgins! Enjoy the finest in Rally Driving experiences, powering and sliding through a packed forest with the number one driver-trainer sat next to you!

Stock Car Championship Racing Day 16:00-19:00

To finish the ultimate weekend we need a winner…and what better way to settle it than with the Stock Car Championship Racing Day!? Enjoy an authentic afternoon of oily overalls and unbridled racing challenges in the powerful and agile Stock Cars! With all out brawn and bravado as key to your skill as driving-nous – you’ll have visions of the glory that goes with holding the trophy above your head on the podium finish!

And there we have it, our suggestion for the ultimate stag do weekend fit for a Prince – packed full of adrenaline, thrills, skills and frills to accompany your final night out with the boys! This actually could be arranged, so let us know if you’re stuck for ideas as we’d love to help in any way possible!

Thanks to The Daily Mail for the original article.

If you’re looking for ideas to make your stag do as memorable as this one outlined here, please Get in Touch and make an enquiry and we’ll do all we can to ensure your day is as spectacular as physically possible!


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