• AUG 13, 2012
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What an amazing two weeks it has been – 29 gold medals, 17 silver and 19 bronze! Congratulations team GB! Now, before you all start preparing for the Paralympics Opening Ceremony on August 29th, we want to provide you with some Olympic related experiences to get your teeth into!

Winning the most gold medals for GB, (a whopping seven!) are the Olympians pedalling in from the cycling track. Here at Extreme Element we like to make things as extreme as possible, so trade in those push bikes for something with a couple of extra wheels…

Quad Bike Racing – with 600 metres of track and 30 minutes to race around in, this experience is ideal for an adrenaline junkie extremist who isn’t scared to get dirty! Although we don’t provide a streamlined lycra outfit (sorry about that), you’ll be suited and booted in the necessary safety equipment, so you can rip up the track and compete against your friends to your full potential – aim for that gold!

Another high scoring sport on the Olympic table was boxing – with GB scoring the most Gold medals! Learn to throw a few punches with Extreme Fight Skool, who certainly like to keep their trainees on their toes whilst working up a sweat. This experience is perfect for a group of friends wanting to work hard and challenge each other. With the help of a pro, Sol Gilbert, ex-European Ultimate Combat Champion, you’ll soon find yourself fighting your mates in one of the gym cages. It’s not quite a boxing ring but this will definitely help you get Olympic fit!

Rather learn something where you can get a little out of your depth? We offer the experience to take to the seas with a Yacht Sailing Day. It’s not all plain sailing as you get hands on with the boat and learn about the various yachting equipment. Unlike the Olympic Sailing, there will be six other sea mates aboard your boat to enjoy the full day of sailing with. What better way to end your Olympic celebrations than with a yachting trip? And did I mention there’s a glass of wine to end the experience?

After the Olympic fun and these exhilarating experiences, you will definitely need a two week break to prepare for the Paralympics!


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