• SEP 17, 2012
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September has struck…the schools are open again, Halloween next month and that eerie darkness in the morning will soon be upon us. Perfect timing to creep aboard the ghost bus for another scare this September!


Here for a scare from the Ghost Bus Tours, we have Peter. Thanks for talking to us today, please tell us a bit about the thrills we may experience on your tour.

It is a tour of London’s ghostly areas, plus places of murder, torture and execution – all on board a haunted bus. We will show you the sights, tell you all about the terrible secrets behind them – and if you’re lucky you may well get to experience something on the bus itself!

Sounds creepy, how many frightful tours do you have to offer?

We are currently running tours most nights in London, York and Edinburgh – can’t get away from the ghost bus!

Scaring people every night must be quite fun…but Peter is there anything out there that gives you a fright?

Well … everyone gets scared by different things. Personally I get a chill when I’m all alone at night listening to the noises of my house. When you hear something that shouldn’t be there – you know that you’re alone but there’s always that part of your brain that says, “Yes, but you might get murdered tonight.” Or when the ex-wife turns up. She’s terrifying.

Oh dear! Moving on quickly I think…are there are any particularly memorable tours?

I always remember the ones where nobody dies. I think we’re up to seven now.

I’m really hoping that’s a joke, we’ve grown quite fond of customers! What is your favourite part of the tour?

My favourite part is the end section. I can’t give away any details as it might spoil it for new audience members, but let’s just say you will definitely leave the bus with something to talk about!

Oooh how intriguing…I think I’ll have to find the courage to come on a tour! How long have you been in the ghoul business?

We’ve been running tours for four years now, changing and enhancing the experience for the audience throughout that time. But the creators had years of experience with horror and ghoulish entertainment before that!

Would you recommend this thrilling experience to particular ages or group of people?

The tour is suitable for all age ranges. We get the question, “Will my child be scared?” a lot, to which the answer is, “I don’t know. I don’t know your child!” We get young children having a great time and grown adults who need to change their strides afterwards!

Have any famous guests ever ridden the terrifying tour bus?

Yes actually. We have done some tours for the casts of West End shows – picking them up after their show and giving them ours. We had Amanda Holden on when she was in Shrek the Musical. That was fun as we were talking about a ghost of the Theatre Royal Drury Lane and the cast of Shrek said they’d seen it! We also had Whoopi Goldberg on when she was in Sister Act. That was a lot of fun too – “Has anyone here had any experience with Ghosts?”

Seen it!? Maybe that ghost knows your bus ghosts! Do you do any other tours, not related to ghosts?

Yes, we also have a brand new daytime tour – the Time Tour. It’s a time travelling tour of London – sort of Back to the Future meets Doctor Who via Bill and Ted.

Do you have anything else planned in the future, for your scary tours?

We’ve got a couple of plans. I don’t want to give anything away just yet though. We’ve got some big plans for Halloween this year!

Thanks for talking to us today Peter, let’s hope you haven’t given our Experience Days customers too much of a fright and I look forward to your Halloween tour!

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