• JAN 7, 2016
  • WRITTEN BY: Cat Doocey

So 2015 is officially over, meaning it’s time to say hello to 2016! We’re wishing you a Happy New Year from all of us at Experience Days HQ.
Now we know how gloomy January can be with the awful weather and Christmas being over way too soon – but never fear, we are here with some unique and fun ways to liven up your year with some adventurous new hobbies to try. We know many of you have probably made similar New Year resolutions such as losing weight, keeping fit or even experiencing new things. Well, you can make those New Year resolutions a reality with this list of exciting experiences to try this year! Read on for our ‘learn-to’ guide for 2016.

If you’re looking to try a new hobby, you could learn a new culinary skill by taking part in a Cookery Class in Hampshire. You can choose from a wide range of classes and cuisines to brush up on your current culinary aids or learn whole new ones! You will have a chance to watch demonstrations, taste dishes and practise techniques. You will gain so much insight into your chosen cuisine, this class will leave you feeling like the next Jamie Oliver!

Hampshire Cooking Lesson

Brew your own beer
Try something totally unique with the Brew Your Own Beer Experience. This experience will give you the chance to learn all there is to know about brewing your own traditional ales, including all the techniques used to perfect your homemade artisan beer, such as sparging, mashing and boiling. This is a great experience for those of you that wish to try out a new skill and face a challenge. You will also be able to use these new techniques and skills at home for your friends or family to enjoy!

Brew your own beer experience

Is 2016 the year to try something new or step out of your comfort zone? If it is then why not try skiing? If you’ve been dreaming of that cosy ski holiday but don’t have the ski experience, this Fast Track Ski Experience is the perfect thing to get you prepared for a possible holiday on the slopes this year. This experience will give you expert tuition on real snow and a variety of slopes to ensure you are prepared for those challenging outdoor terrains.

Skiing Lesson

Ride a Horse
Horse riding is the perfect experience for those of you that would like a fun and adventurous hobby. This Horse Riding Beginner Lesson is just the thing to get you started in this wonderful outdoor adventure activity. This beginner’s lesson will teach you not only techniques when riding the horse, but also the grooming and tacking of these beautiful animals. This experience will even let you practise on a state of the art mechanical horse before moving on to the real thing! Horse riding is a great way to keep fit whilst trying something new – perfect New Year motivations!

Horse riding lesson in Hampshire

Scuba Dive
Have a holiday booked for summer ’16 already? Then try scuba diving for a kick start at water sports before your annual summer holiday. This Scuba Diving Lesson for Two gives you a chance to learn the techniques including hand signals and maintaining your equipment under water whilst feeling ultimate weightlessness. Scuba diving is one of the ultimate adventure sports out there so who wouldn’t want to give it a go?!

Scuba Diving Lesson

Practise Yoga
Try out the latest yoga craze with an Anti-Gravity Yoga Class in London. This novel exercise focuses on stretching, strengthening and relaxing. By using the material to help you balance and practise a variety of different moves, you will be working all different parts of your body, especially those abs! This is a great opportunity to get you started in a fun and unique style of exercising. It is also great for socialising so bring a friend along as well. Who knows, by the end of 2016, you could be a fully-fledged yoga professional!

Anti Gravity Yoga Class in London

Eat Fire
If you’re not one for intense exercise or adrenaline sports but still want to try your hand at something unique and challenging, then try this Fire Eating Lesson in London. This is a great experience for fun-loving individuals with a sense of adventure. Taking part in this lesson will not only allow you to experience something truly unique, you will feel the magic and mystery behind Fakir and fire manipulation.

Fire Eating in London

These are just a few ideas of some adventurous new challenges you can take on this year, but there are plenty more online that might tickle your fancy! Take a look at hundreds more exciting thrills that we offer here.


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