• OCT 16, 2013
  • WRITTEN BY: Evie Stacey

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At Experience Days we’re always looking to have the biggest range of activities possible, so that our customers are guaranteed to find something they’d love to do. Recently, we’ve decided to expand into the wonderful world of dance, and have added some really exciting experiences for you to try. Based in London, these classes are accessible for everyone and take place in a gorgeous, modern studio. Take a look at what’s on offer…

LDA 16 Week Aerial Hoop Course


If you’ve always watched circus performers with a look of utmost awe, the aerial hoop course is definitely for you! This beautiful art form is becoming increasingly popular with those who want to try something new and exotic, whilst simultaneously improving core strength and flexibility. Over six consecutive weeks you’ll learn the skills and manoeuvres needed to become competent in the air, and feel totally confident in what you’re doing. Once you’re comfortable doing the moves under the guidance of the expert instructors, you’ll find yourself feeling elegant and graceful whilst suspended mid-air. At the end of the six weeks you will have improved balance and strength, as well as knowing a full choreographed routine in the hoop.

LDA 2Acrobatics Course


This 6-week course is the ultimate conditioning for your body, covering all aspects of bending, dancing, spinning, flying and more! Try your hand at aerial-hoop work, silks and acrobatic dance, all while improving your balance and strength. Acrobatics has a multitude of benefits, you’ll work on your flexibility, your gracefulness, your core strength, and how to properly lengthen your body without injury. Some of the moves you’ll be learning include forearm balance, back bends and walkovers, handstands, standing splits, kickovers, drop backs, professional choreography, and the splits both ways! Everything you learn from the six weeks of training can be practised and improved on at home, so even when the course is finished you’ll still have all the knowledge and skills you need to be an acrobatic connoisseur!

LDA 3Anti Gravity Yoga Class

This is the only place in London that offers anti-gravity yoga, so you know it’s got to be special! Yoga is already insanely popular, so this spin on the classic class is sure to be just as coveted – who wouldn’t want to try yoga suspended from a silk hammock? The concept of anti-gravity yoga is original in that it takes the pressure off joints and bones by displacing that pressure to the silk, whilst still getting the balance, strength and stretch training. You’ll learn to manipulate the hammock so it holds you in different positions, using it as a foot stirrup, a back support and a resting spot at the end! The class lasts for 70 minutes, plenty of time to get the ultimate combination of relaxation and exercise, and perfect for anyone wanting to explore new methods of yoga, or just try a completely original exercise technique!

LDA 4Private Pole Dancing Lesson


Pole dancing is a great way of combining getting fit with feeling sexy, and with private tuition you’re bound to be graceful and confident in no time. After you’re warmed up and stretched out, you’ll start your class tailored to your skills. If you’re a complete beginner, you’ll learn the basic moves like spinning and climbs, before building on them to create a fully choreographed routine. A one hour class can burn in excess of 400 calories, so not only are you feeling glamorous and having fun, you’re also getting super fit! Pole dancing is an all-over body workout, improving strength in all your muscles as well as flexibility and balance. An excellent gift for someone who wants that special confidence boost!

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