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Makeover experiences can work miracles for nearly everybody, and can make you look and feel beautiful, self-assured and stylish. If you are looking to treat a special someone, why not make their day with a wonderfully extravagant makeover? You can’t beat the satisfaction of seeing a loved one’s confidence blossom under the deft hands of a make-up connoisseur, and witnessing the fantastic feel-good feelings that go hand in hand with such decadent beauty therapy are second to none. You can even go the extra mile and have a makeover and photoshoot, and take home some stunning and elegant photographs that you will treasure forever. The perfect gift for girls, treat for yourself, or bonding experience for you and your girlfriends, at Experience Days there really is a makeover for everyone … have a look now and feel a million dollars!

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Showing 1 experience

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MAC Deluxe Makeover And Photoshoot For 2

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Enjoy a deluxe makeover and photoshoot using top of the range MAC products available in Leeds, Manch...

  • Price for 2 Participants
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