Kitesurfing Lesson - 2 Day Course

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Get to grips with the skills and techniques of Kitesurfing over this comprehensive 2 day Kitesurfing course. Go from dry to high, as you learn what you need to know to go kitesurfing solo!

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Kitesurfing Lesson - 2 Day Course

Get to grips with the skills and techniques of Kitesurfing over this comprehensive 2 day Kitesurfing course. Go from dry to high, as you learn what you need to know to go kitesurfing solo!

Kite Surfing Experience Days: A 2 day Kitesurfing course is, quite frankly, an absolutely perfect introduction to the sport that we at Experience Days consider to be the most exciting, most extreme and most innovative watersports out there. Kiteboarding - or kitesurfing - is the happy result of the evolution of various other extreme water sports. It combines elements of surfing, windsurfing, wake boarding and paragliding. The huge and powerful kites, and the exceptionally lightweight boards mean that dedicated kite surfers can achieve some really exceptional feats (pier jumping to name one!), and new technologies and equipment developments give kite boarders higher performance opportunities than many of the longer-established watersports.

Over the two day kitesurfing lesson you will practice the basic but essential kitesurfing skills - and vital safety practices - that you should know if you want to practise riding solo safely. Luckily for all potential boarders, these skills are relatively easy to get the hang of, and at the conclusion of the 2 day course most students will achieve BKSA Level 1 certificate, with some talented folks even managing to get to Level 2!Day one is all about getting to know the equipment and learning how to fly a kitesurf kite (which is 90% of what kitesurfing is about), you will also learn about important safety procedures and you should finish the day body-dragging which is huge fun but expect to get a mouth full of water! Day two is all about trying to get up on the board and moving and you may start to learn plenty more such as rules of the road and the holy grail of learning to kitesurf which is riding up wind.

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Most of our kitesurfing centre's are open from March - November.

Hampshire is available between May & October only.


The minimum age is 16 years. (12yrs in Portsmouth & 18yrs in Northumberland unless accompanied by an adult)
You must be comfortable in the water.
There is no specific requirements regarding maximum size but you will need to fit into a harness, please check with the centre when booking if you have concerns regarding this.
If you have a particular medical condition that you think may affect your ability to do the course, please check with the centre when booking.


Experience Duration: 12:00

Time Spent at Venue: 23:00

The course will last five to six hours per day over two days. The start times may vary due to tide times.

Group Size & Spectators

Participants: The Kitesurfing Lesson - 2 Day Course is for 1 participant.

Max Group Size: 4

Spectators Allowed on Site: Yes

Group sizes vary but will usually be 2 - 4 students per instructor. Spectators are welcome but please listen to the instructors as to where the safest place to stand and watch is.

Where is it Located
What to wear

All equipment will be supplied - this includes kite, board, wetsuit, harness and helmet. You just need to take a change of dry clothes, a swimming costume and a towel. If you have your own kit and want to use it for the lessons please check with the centre first.


Kitesurfing is a weather dependent sport. Basically you need wind! Depending on the location you may also need wind in a particular direction. The tides also play a part with many locations not being able to teach at high tides. Please make sure you call the centre either the day before or on the actual day of your course to check that your lesson is going ahead.

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It was great. It only took us a very long time to finally do it as every time we booked there was no wind or the wrong wind. Zoe and Berny are such friendly and knowledgeable people, they made us want to come back for more.

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£ 235