• AUG 1, 2013
  • WRITTEN BY: Evie Stacey

Although it sometimes doesn’t look like it, it is in fact summer, and the school summer holidays are upon us once again! If you’re getting that familiar twinge of panic when you realise six weeks is quite a long time, and you’re running out of ideas to keep the children happy, then you’ve come to the right place. Whether you’re making memories with your newborn baby or trying to stave off boredom for your teenager, there’s an experience to keep everyone entertained.

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Let’s start with those beautiful babies, from as young as three days old you can take your newborn to a Baby Photography Shoot in London to capture those precious early days. A perfect way to spend a rainy summer day that gives you memories to last a lifetime. Most importantly, the photographer is available to come to your home if you don’t want a studio setting, a great extra that makes the experience even more special. Choose between the standard shoot and the Deluxe Package to get even more pictures to keep. Whilst we’re on the subject of photo shoots, why not include your beloved pet in a family album? With the Family Pets Photoshoot Experience in Manchester you can capture your animal’s uniqueness with help from the professional photographers, a fun day out for the family with memories you can treasure forever.

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If you’re thinking your child may be too young for the experiences on offer, think again! There is plenty to do that has no minimum age requirement, take the Canary Wharf Voyage for example. See the sights of London whilst whizzing along the Thames on a high-speed boat, the best combination of education and excitement possible! The tour guides are very funny and knowledgeable, so don’t worry that your children might cotton on to the fact that they’re learning whilst having fun… If you like the sound of this you might also like the Thames RIB Canary Wharf Experience, again no minimum age, just make sure you accompany them!

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Feeling particularly extravagant this summer? Try the Family Tree House Experience in Wales to really get the children in touch with nature and out of the house. A two-night stay in one of these magical dwellings is sure to be a winner with the kids, and makes a welcome break from the home without the cost of an overseas holiday! There’s no minimum age requirement, so don’t worry about that, but these experiences are very popular so be sure to book quickly to avoid disappointment.

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If you’re looking to involve the whole family in an experience, we have some great activities on offer specifically for families. The Discover Jet Ski – Family Experience is a great way to get a teenager out of the house and into the fresh air, having fun whilst exercising, what more could you want? This experience is for three participants, minimum age of 14 for stand-up and 16 for sit-down. The Family Surfing Lessons in Cornwall Experience is available all year round, has a minimum age requirement of 7 and is priced for four people, a fantastic family bonding activity at a reasonable price! If you’d rather you and your family stayed dry, try the Quad Biking Family Experience in Surrey for some action this summer.

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There is so much to do as a family this holiday, these are only a few selections, so check us out for more ideas!

One of our most popular experience categories is driving, which you might think is not suitable for children, but I’m happy to tell you you’re wrong! Give them a taster of what it’s like to hold a driver’s licence with access to some of the greatest cars around, such as the Kids 4×4 Driving Experience in Berkshire or the Rally Driving Experience in Oxfordshire. I promise you’ll get very jealous if you let them do the Lamborghini Thrill Driving Experience or the Junior Ferrari Driving Experience, can you imagine seeing your child behind the wheel of a supercar? If you fancy a slightly crazier driving experience to entertain your youngsters, how about Hovercrafting? This experience in Kent is great fun and bound to keep them talking for days afterwards. For the whole range of Junior Driving Days click here.

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Still stuck for ideas? What about getting up close and personal with the wildlife? Going to the zoo is always a favourite with children, whether it’s the Whipsnade or fast-tracking at London Zoo. There are also loads of experiences with specific animals, such as Alpaca Trekking in Kent, I’ve tried this experience myself so I know first-hand how brilliant it is. Alpacas are fascinating creatures and the staff are very knowledgeable, see my full review here. If your children are as young as five years old you can try this fabulous Horse Riding in Hampshire Experience, or a full day Falconry Experience in Warwickshire for 13 year olds, or how about a half day of Fly Fishing? So much choice!

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Have a look at our Kids Category for even more ideas, and ensure your children are never bored again throughout the holidays!

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