• APR 23, 2019
  • WRITTEN BY: Alexandra Mullen

We love food.

And we’re probably not alone in that, right?

In fact, we know for sure we’re not, given that more and more of our customers are opting for culinary experiences as gifts.

We can tell that you love getting stuck in to a good cookery class and learning from the pros, and that’s why we’re so pleased to have Jenius Social on our site as a supplier of top cooking classes and workshops. We thought it’d be great to learn a little bit more about Jenius Social and the classes they offer. Let’s tuck in, shall we?

Based in the heart of Islington, London, Jenius Social is an innovative venue space offering a huge variety of cooking workshops and events. As well as running these classes, they also serve as a blank canvas for those who want to rent an event space. Jenius was founded by Jennifer Yong, and is run by a small and dedicated team of staff and in-house chefs who know their stuff when it comes to creating great food.

Speaking of food, let’s find out a little bit more about the variety of unique classes they offer. If you’re stuck for gift ideas for that creative person in your life, an experience voucher for a cooking class is the perfect way to treat them to something a little bit different. Cooking can be daunting to those who don’t do it on a regular basis. We’re here to prove that there’s a cookery class for everyone on your gift list.

1.        Sausage Making Cookery Class – London

Perfect for: The granddad who insists he doesn’t want anything

We all have that picky older relative who insists, every birthday and Christmas, that they don’t want anything. And we’ve all fallen back on the things we know they use on a regular basis, telling ourselves they’ll love them (They can never have too many bottles of Famous Grouse, right…?) but when it comes to special occasions, step up your game with this sausage making cookery class in London from Jenius Social. Sausages are a classic British staple, from the humble bangers & mash to the gut-busting English breakfast. We guarantee the older relative in your life will love the opportunity to make their very own hand-crafted sausages from scratch, and take fry-ups to the next level! During this 2.5-hour class, they’ll learn to make a variety of different sausages from all over the world, including Apple & Cider, Hot Italian and Merguez sausages. Forget those supermarket bangers and give them the opportunity to be creative while they see how the sausage is really made!

2.      Homemade Pasta Class in London

Perfect for:
The picky husband

Husbands might just be the most difficult people to buy for. What could you possibly get for the man who has every boxset ever made? Whether he’s a dab hand at a Bolognese or doesn’t know his macaroni from his tagliatelle, we’re sure this homemade pasta making class will provide him with an evening of interactive and delicious fun. During the 2.5 hour class, he’ll learn how to make ravioli and cannelloni, plus two sauces; a tasty pesto and a punchy Pomodoro. We have a feeling he’ll appreciate that more than all seventeen seasons of Family Guy…

3.      Professional Macaron Making Class in London

Perfect for:
The girlfriend with a Great British Bake-Off obsession

Ah, macarons. So small but perfectly formed, the picture of Parisian grace. Even the sight of them conjures up images of quaint French patisseries. Their delicate balance of flavour and texture makes them seem so unreachable for the every-day casual baker, but that’s where Jenius Social come in. They’re here to show you that in 2.5 hours, you can whip up a variety of delicious macarons fit for the most stylish bakery. If your girlfriend fancies herself a bit of a Mary Berry, this is the class for her. She will get the opportunity to learn skills that are not only perfect for macaron recipes, but also great for brushing up on baking techniques to use in a whole range of other recipes. She’ll be cooking classic multi coloured and flavoured macarons, and it's down to her to choose from the selection of flavours and fillings on the day. Move over, Mary, there’s a new baker in town!

4.     Mexican Street Food Cookery Class – London

Perfect for:
The creative best friend

If there’s one cuisine that takes advantage of the creative temperament, it’s Mexican. From creamy guacamole to spicy fajitas, Mexican cuisine has something for everyone and is a great opportunity to be imaginative with flavour. If your best friend is the creative type who loves to try new experiences, this is the class for them. During the 2.5 hours, they’ll learn how to make authentic soft Mexican tortillas from scratch with fresh ingredients, before getting to work on the fillings. By the end of their class they will have made traditional guacamole and tomato salsa, 'drunken salsa', chicken fajitas and mushroom quesadillas. They’ll then head to the dining room to enjoy their feast with the rest of the class.

5.      Traditional Thai Cookery Class - London

Perfect for: The mum who wants to try something new

Treat Mum to a fun culinary experience she may not have tried before. Everyone loves Thai food, right? Now Mum can learn how to whip up delicious, flavoursome Thai dishes right from her own kitchen. During her 2-hour class, she’ll be taught knife skills and pestle & mortar techniques which are vital to Thai cookery, before applying them to the creation of spring rolls. She’ll also learn the recipe for making fresh green curry paste from scratch, and use a variety of fresh and traditional ingredients to create a beautiful green curry and Thai fish cakes. Dinner at hers?

 6.      Indian Street Food Cookery Class - London

Perfect for: The takeaway-loving boyfriend

Ironically, Indian takeaway seems to be a classic staple of most British diets. Whether it accompanies a night spent nestled in front of a good film, or serves as the centrepiece for a big birthday dinner out, there seems to be no better people-pleaser than a good curry. Chances are, your boyfriend is a fan of this long-standing favourite, and now he can learn how to make it himself! Save that precious takeaway money and take advantage of the skills he’ll learn during his fantastic 2-hour class. He’ll come away knowing how to make onion bahjis, spiced lamb mince, Chickpea curry, and perfectly-cooked samosas with a variety of fillings. On top of all that, he’ll have a lesson in perfecting Roti Indian flatbreads from scratch. Your local takeaway might think you’ve moved out of town!

 7.      Mediterranean Tapas Cookery Class – London

Perfect for: The dad in a cooking rut

The great thing about tapas is that there is quite literally a ‘little something’ for everyone! If your dad has fallen into the classic habit of heating up microwaved lasagnes or oven chips for dinner, treat him to a class that will shake up his approach to cooking and see him whipping up mini delights for years to come. The Mediterranean diet is famous for its health benefits, second only to its rich and aromatic flavours, so there’s no doubt these recipes will help Dad maintain a fun and balanced lifestyle.  Upon arriving at his class, Dad will learn all about the Mediterranean diet before creating some delicious dishes himself. This 2.5 hour class will see him make patatas bravas (potato in a spicy tomato sauce), gambas pil pil (prawns in garlic and chilli), lamb & beef kofta tagine, tzatziki and flatbreads. If he’s not such a dab-hand in the kitchen, his experienced instructor will be on-hand at all times to help him with his technique. He’ll also learn to prepare key ingredients, sharpen his knife skills and even practice better kitchen organisation! Finally, when everything’s looking and smelling wonderful, he’ll enjoy a Mediterranean feast with his classmates.

 8.     Cookery Choice Voucher London 

Perfect for: Everyone!

Can’t decide? No problem. This cookery choice voucher entitles the recipient to any of the above, plus so much more from Jenius Social. They can chop, peel and fry their way through whichever class they choose, from macaron making, to traditional Thai, to homemade pasta. This is the perfect gift for that one picky friend’s birthday, or for that moment when you draw Linda from accounts for Secret Santa and the only thing you know about her is how she takes her tea… Thanks Jenius Social, for serving everyone on our list!

 Now that you’ve learned about Jenius Social and the great classes they offer, we know you won’t be able to resist purchasing one of their vouchers for your loved ones, whether they want to see how the sausage is made, or whip up a macaron fit for Paul Hollywood. You can purchase any of the above experiences by clicking on their titles, and treat your loved ones to something different. If you want to find out more about Jenius Social, you can go to 



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