• MAR 11, 2011
  • WRITTEN BY: Evie Stacey

Ever feel you’re getting bogged down with day-to-day life stuck in the office or at home and you sense that routine seems to be getting the better of you? Maybe at one time you did use to stretch yourself and ‘seize the day’ but now life has taken on a more, predictable path and you really miss that challenge of doing something different.

Well you’re in luck – just sit back and imagine this… You select the car of your dreams, you pick it up at a racetrack, step inside, turn it on and your off. This is now a reality as these days it’s possible to select from a range of some of the finest cars known to man and take them for spin! Our love of cars is historic, and why do we love them so much? Well for starters they look great, they sound great and they can go really fast. But they’re even more than this, they are an icon of power, of chic…. of cool. It is a growing trend that more and more people are turning to cars to de-stress, to create a change of scenery and engage in something that is a lot of fun.

Perhaps you can you see yourself in an Aston Martin DB9? With a powerful all aluminium 6.0-litre V12 engine and a top speed of 186 mph – if a car can accelerate from 0 – 60 mph in 4.9 seconds its not surprising why so many people are drawn to the Aston! With brute horsepower under the bonnet imagine the fun you’ll have imagining yourself as James Bond in this exquisite, legendary, British Classic Car. Or perhaps you fancy yourself in a Lamborghini? These make up some of the most exclusive and captivating Super Cars. Costing over £130,000 and with an extreme top speed, these cars are outrageously fast! Lamborghinis are normally reserved for Premiership footballers, but what if you could jump into the seat of this Italian Super Car?

Maybe you’re a fan of the Porsche? Experiencing the power and refined handling of a true Super Car is normally just for the affluent, but what if you could get acquainted with the thrill of this Super Car? And if you can’t decide which one you would pick then worry not, because why compromise? For the car lover who just can’t narrow down to one car, then why not try a few classics all in one day? Specially run experience days are now available all over the UK to cater for our growing need to have a change of scenery, find new ways to relax and do something really enjoyable outside work.

What about Formula One Fans?

Well if you happen to be Formula One mad and nothing else will do, then you can indulge in the pinnacle of car experiences with a Formula One Experience. These are often a 2-day sensational luxury hospitality package for a driver plus a guest, including an overnight stay and evening meal as well as driving a Formula One! For some packages this includes driver and guest enjoying an overnight stay and evening meal in a top class Country House Hotel, where members of the Formula One team will be on-hand to welcome you and provide familiarisation with the Formula One Experience.

How a car experience schedule works

Take a typical weekend or weekday and you drive to the racetrack location. As you arrive you’re met with the car you have always dreamed of, and on this occasion you are going to be able to take it for a ride. You undertake a safety briefing and technical run down from one of the instructors and then you are off to get familiar with the track.Following a number of laps around the track you are sometimes offered a white-knuckle high-speed passenger ride where your instructor takes you for a final spin at break neck speed! These days there is no excuse to get stuck in the mundane. With event days being held all over the UK, car experiences manage to combine our love of expensive fast cars with our fantasies of driving them. So next time life seems to be getting a little bit too ordinary, snap out of it in a flash with a memorable car experience. It can help push you out of your quiet comfort zone by getting you onto the race track, in the car of your dreams, driving in real style.


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