• MAR 16, 2011
  • WRITTEN BY: Evie Stacey

Sick of the same old dinner parties? Tired of playing the same music, serving the same food, and drinking the same wine? Here are seven ideas to spice up the next adult gathering at your place. Leave the kids with the babysitter, because some of these ideas are more than a little naughty!

Drinking games

No, we’re not talking about the old university staples of flip-cup and beer-pong. We’re adults now, and we’re a bit more sophisticated than that. Try Wine Knot – a drinking game based on nautical games played by Portuguese sailors to occupy their time at sea. Or how about the Vodka Party Game, a strategic board game with a Cold War espionage theme? There are plenty of board games based around different drinks, from tequila to beer, wine to vodka – each with a different theme. So choose your drink of choice, gather a few friends around the dining room table, and enjoy.

Saucy games

If you’re up for it, there are plenty of ways to have a little “adult” fun while the kids are away – and with this type of fun, it’s better if you invite friends. Try Tarts and Vicars, a sexy board game with a drinking theme. If you and your friends are very open-minded, there’s always Postman’s Promise – a board game based on the kissing game, Postman’s Knock. You’re sure to have an exciting evening with this one!


Just for a little something different, host a costume party. Costumes can be incorporated creatively into themes. For instance, if you regularly gather your friends together to watch a favorite television show, throw a party and ask each of your guests to come dressed as a character. Throw a birthday party for your boyfriend – and ask each of his guy friends to come dressed as one of his exes. If you’re throwing a party with a slightly naughty theme, ask for “sexy” dress. There are plenty of ways to dress up and have fun at your next party.


If you’re sick of the same old list from your Ipod, hire a DJ to spice things up. If you have a space to dance, so much the better – dancing is sure to add fun and excitement to any evening. A live band can be a great way to bring new music to your evening. For the adventurous, there’s always live “adult” entertainment for men and women as well!

Card games

You’d be amazed at the fun you can have with a deck of cards. You can play traditional drinking games, place bets and let the winner buy the next round, or even play a little strip poker, if you’re up for it. Cards are a fun and inexpensive way to turn your next party into an interesting – and maybe even an unforgettable – night.


Can your guests identify different liquors by smell alone when they’re blindfolded? Can they complete a video scavenger hunt during the evening? Fun challenges can definitely make any party more exciting – especially if there’s a prize for the person who wins.

Group storytelling

Have all your guests sit in a circle. Using a piece of lined paper, write two lines of a story on the paper, then fold the paper so that only the second line shows. The next guest will add two lines to the story, then fold the paper so that only the second line of their addition shows. When everyone’s done, read the story aloud. When passed around a large group of people, this game can be hilarious – especially if there’s alcohol involved.

Truth or dare

The original party game – and it’s still going strong. People love truth or dare because it’s unpredictable. You could wind up getting off by telling an obvious truth, or you might have to run down the street naked! This game is particularly fun when the truth or dare options are written out on cards, and guests draw options.

Next time you throw a party, you won’t need to have a boring, predictable night. Bring in one of these ideas, and let the fun begin. Use your imagination and don’t be afraid to get a bit naughty, and your guests are sure to talk about the evening for years to come!


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