• APR 23, 2010
  • WRITTEN BY: Aaron Thomas

Saturday the 12th September was a fantastic day for Extreme Element and the fifty or so extreme Mountain Boarders that competed out on the slopes of Redhill, Surrey, that memorable day.

Exclusive Mountain Boarding Event

Exclusive Mountain Boarding Day

With the sun beaming down on a proud army of Ex Element T-Shirt wearing boarders, we hit the slopes hard for a full day of skill learning and events, mixed in with a massive BBQ and podium finishing prize ceremony.

Adults and children competed side by side in small groups, all aiming to take home a slice of the great prizes and the much coveted title ‘King of the Slopes’ on what was a fantastic day out in the Surrey countryside.

Check the photos from 2009 here.

Our own Mountain Boarding versions of classic competition games proved a big hit on the day, with limbo bars, high jumps and an egg & spoon race accompanying the standard timed runs for winning prizes. The party atmosphere on the day was pleasantly accompanied by a competitive edge and sharp bursts from the unavoidable tank of adrenaline exploding into life with every event.

Well, now that the sun is beginning to make an appearance again we’ve had no choice but to put another date in the calendar for round two- July 24th 2010! Without doubt, 2010’s party will knock last year’s off the slopes with some superb additions to the already enjoyable event format.

Mountain Boarders on the Day

Mountain Boarders on the Day

Click here to find out more and to book yourself in for 2010’s event of the summer!

In addition to the T-Shirt and BBQ that came last year, we’re putting on a live show with the UK’s professionals displaying amazing feats of skill and trickery on a range of ramps, half pipes and jumps.

Click here to read our interview with Dave Comptonpart of the RTH team that will be performing.

You’ll also be treated this year to a DVD full of yours and the day’s action, complete with photos of the group and your individual performance accompanying the live professional showing. You can relive the day over and over and even improve your own technique in retrospect studying the pros on the disk!

High Jump Event

High Jump Event

Check out our Guide to Surrey for more information about the location where we held last year’s and will be holding 2010’s Mountain Boarding party. You’ll find great tips and ideas for making a weekend out of a visit to the countryside packed county!


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