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Escape games are wonderfully unique and relatively new to the world of experience days, originally starting as an online game that became hugely popular in Japan. Once it became a physical adventure game, these experiences started popping up everywhere! Being an exciting combination of working under pressure, solving puzzles, and using teamwork to complete the game, escape rooms are often used as team-building exercises because of the need to help each other and share brain power in order to succeed.

With several locations available across the UK and a variety of game themes to play, you're guaranteed to find the perfect escape room for a fun day out!

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Showing 1 experience

London Escape Room - The Bank Heist.jpg

The Bank Heist Escape Game in London

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  • London, London

Find clues, solve puzzles and make off with the crown jewels during this 60-minute bank heist escape...

  • Price for 2 Participants
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