• MAY 14, 2013
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WARNING: Experience Days take no responsibility for any feelings of hunger or cake-craving.

You have been warned … just from looking back over my pictures from this class, I’m dribbling. If you haven’t guessed already, this week ‘Jo on the Road’ went cupcake decorating, and I was joined by my colleague, Garry. What a tasty treat for both of us! Two hours of sugar crafting and icing to make six mouth-watering cupcakes.

Within seconds of arriving we were introduced to our fabulous teacher, Nathan, who welcomed us with open arms and offered refreshments. Feeling right at ease we took our seats and were faced with six sponge cupcakes each, balls of sugar-icing, sprinkles and tasty toppings. Fortunately I’d had a big breakfast, or I may not have had any cakes to decorate! Joined by six others in the class, a friendly and pleasant atmosphere was created where I felt I could ask questions and get creative without any worries.

We get right to work; our first lesson is how to make a bow out of the sugar-icing, which will later be placed on a cupcake. Using only our hands and a tooth pick to shape and mould the white icing, I was delighted to create a cute little bow to sit proudly on top of some pink icing (we learnt how to do that later):

The class then moved on to crafting a rose (this is my favourite one). I love roses so I loved the detail and attention needed to roll and shape the sugar-icing to create the look of petals. I won’t give too much away but the beautiful rose started out as four blobs of pink sugar icing!

The final sugar-icing decoration that Nathan taught us to make was a mini cupcake itself! We started with the base and then added the Mr Whippy style frosting, topped off with a mini cherry! This looked adorable placed upon a real cupcake with its own icing (just be careful not to add too much icing, I had a slight overload causing it to dribble down the sides a little):

Now, I’m sure you’re thinking, ‘But that’s only three cupcakes’. Oh yes, we got to go crazy on the other three! Ok, not completely crazy, but I took full advantage of the sprinkles and sweets provided … and glitter, yes edible glitter! First, I put my new sugar-icing skills to the test to see how much I really took in, and re-created another rose and a bow but in different colours this time. For my final cupcake I attempted to shape a wellington boot, as my nickname is Welly and it’s perfectly fitting for this weather and the festival season coming up!

Our final lesson was adding the three different types of icing – cream cheese, coloured and strawberry. All added using different techniques and using different tools, which Nathan gave brilliant demonstrations of so we could ice ’til our heart’s content. Once iced and the decorations added (and the glitter and sprinkles!) the cakes were ready to be boxed up and tied with a ribbon ready to give as a gift, share with friends, or if you’re really naughty… take them home and enjoy all for yourself!

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