Chocolate Workshop

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Experience the true greatness of chocolate and all of the culinary delights it can possess! Enjoy the making and the pleasure of a chocolate workshop with experience days!

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Chocolate Workshop

Experience the true greatness of chocolate and all of the culinary delights it can possess! Enjoy the making and the pleasure of a chocolate workshop with experience days!

Experience the beauty of your own creations, creating the most tasty and desirable object of the lot - chocolate! The perfect gift for any choco-holic or chocolate lovers, as this great class will not only provide some delicious treats - but will teach for future reference how to make them! Learn how with a Chocolatier, who will be on hand to ensure your delightful little truffles and chocolates taste as good as they look with a mix of advice and practical demonstrations.Your Chocolate Workshop will begin with an introduction to the history of Chocolate, tasting a range of delicious types including 'the fountain'! The chocolatier will start the session with creating some Truffles, which you can fill with a cream and other fillings - before decorating and testing other methods of creation that include: mixing, piping, rolling, cutting and dipping! The session will come to a close when you hand-wrap your beautiful little Truffle creations (around 20-24 of them), which you can take home and share (or keep them all to yourself!)

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Chocolate Workshops run on different dates and times throughout the year depending upon location.

They will usually take place on a selected Saturday or Sunday at either 12pm or 2pm.

2017 Dates:


January 21st at 2pm

February 11th at 2pm, 25th at 2pm

March 18th at 2pm

April 8th at 2pm

May 13th at 2pm

June 24th at 2pm

July 15th at 2pm

September 9th at 2pm

October 7th at 2pm

November 11th at 2pm

December 2nd at 2pm


January 14th at 2pm

February 4th at 2pm

March 4th at 2pm

April 1st at 2pm

May 6th at 2pm

June 17th at 2pm

July 1st at 2pm

August 12th at 2pm

September 23rd at 2pm

October 21st at 2pm

November 18th at 2pm

December 16th at 2pm


January 28th at 2pm

February 18th at 2pm

March 11th at 2pm

April 22nd at 12pm

May 20th at 2pm

June 10th at 2pm

July 22nd at 2pm

August 19th at 2pm

September 30th at 2pm

October 28th at 2pm

November 25th at 2pm

December 9th at 2pm


Minimum Age: 12
All participants under 16 must be accompanied by a participating adult.

Please let the centre know upon booking a date of any allergies you suffer from.


Experience Duration: 01:00

Time at Venue: 02:00

This experience will last approximately 1.5 to 2 hours depending on the group size up to 30 people.

Group Size & Spectators

Participants: The Chocolate Workshop is for 1 participant.

Max Group Size: +10

Spectators Allowed on Site: No

The maximum group size for the Chocolate Workshop is 30.
Please note there cannot be any spectators in the room whilst the class is on.

Where is it Located
What to wear

All ingredients and cooking utensils will be provided.


This is not a weather dependent activity.

Chocolate experience

Overall my sister and I enjoyed our experience, but there are a lot of areas where we felt improvements could be made. No welcome, nowhere to put coats or wash hands and briskly told where to stand. There were far too many people taking part (26) so it was difficult to see the demonstrations and we had to stand for the whole time. 30 truffles would be the maximum you could make with the ingredients and although it was an experience "per person" we had to share ingredients and equipment.

- Weymouth
Choclate Experience

Thanks to Nettie for making the session so enjoyable. It was particularly interesting hearing about the development of chocolate through the ages from the plantation stage to consumption. The session was well organised and even though I was on my own I didn't feel at a disadvantage as it was great fun being part of the group. A great experience for any chocoholic!

Highly Recommended

Both my wife and I enjoyed taking part in the chocolate workshop. I would recommend this to anyone with an addiction to chocolate. You walk away with the chocolate truffles that you prepared in the session and knowledge of how to continue making them from your own home.

Exceeded my expectations.

This course has exceeded my expectations. It was excellent fun and I would highly recommend it! Upon completion, you will be able to start creating home-made truffles as presents for Birthday, Xmas or special occasions. They always look so delicate but yet are quite easy to make once you know how to do it.

Perfect Timing

Perfect timing - just before Christmas, so could make these into unique handmade gifts.


I had to do the experience in Bath as could not get in to Cardiff before my voucher ran other, this was the only downside of the whole thing as once there we had a really great time. As a big chocolate fan it was the perfect choice for me, will highly recommend it to every one I know and since they have tasted the treats I brought home they will be wanting to do it themselves.



really good

£ 50 £65
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