• NOV 28, 2012
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Experience Days offer everything from spa days for two in London to hang gliding over Derbyshire, but this week my ‘Jo on the Road‘ adventure had me candle making in London. What an experience! The friendly and cosy workshop classroom was sociable and brilliantly focussed – creating the perfect learning environment. Feeling welcomed from the word go as I sit at my desk, faced with a bunch of everyday tools (spoons, ladles, knife, pots), curious as to how I even begin to make a candle.

The all-day lesson flew past, before I knew it I was tucking into my lunch and couldn’t wait to get back into the workshop for the afternoon session. My candle-making teacher for the day was a lady called Sakeena, who couldn’t be more brilliant and enthusiastic. The cosy room is made to fit a maximum of six people in the lessons – fortunately we only had four as I made quite a mess! The three other participants were also incredibly friendly and it didn’t take long for us to have a laugh and feel right at home with each other.

Similar to quite a few people out there, my only knowledge or contact with a candle has been to light the wick and enjoy the smell…or when there’s a power cut. To be truthful, not once had I ever stopped to think about what’s used to make the wax, smell or colours – but after this class I feel like a pro! Spending the morning working with paraffin wax and the afternoon soya, I’m left speechless at the ease and enjoyment of moulding the candles and the equipment needed. Plus all those smells and colours…well we all had a giggle at how indecisive I suddenly became – everything just smelt too good! Just make sure you know what your favourite colour is, I went for a peach and instantly had sudden twang of jealousy when everyone else pulled their bright pink, purple and blue candles out of their containers!

What I loved about this class (apart from the amount of laughs we had) is how it’s perfect for anyone whether they want to take up a new hobby, learn a new skill or just to find out more. I found myself picking up plenty of interesting and brilliant facts as I learnt more about candles in a fun environment. This workshop is great for first timers like me, or, equally brilliant if you want to give someone their own personal gift (Christmas is just around the corner).  Although you all start off on the same basis, with the same wax, and same wax tray, I guarantee your candle will not look the same as anyone else’s!

(OK, the top right isn’t anything we made – but it gives you something to aim for in the future. On the left are all the instruments we used)

I honestly would recommend this workshop to anyone that loves getting creative, having a laugh or just wants to pick up a new skill. It’s a brilliant escape from the everyday activities, and you’ll be dying to tell your friends about how you transformed from a ‘candle maker’ into a ‘chandler’. If that isn’t enough, for all those lovers of candles you’ll find yourself picking up plenty of useful hints and tips, even things like how long to burn a candle for on the first lighting! I would tell you but I can’t be giving away all the workshop secrets!

(Putting the candle into cold water to set)

Here are some more pictures of the candles, with a maximum of 6-7 candles and 3-5 wax melts you can see why this course is so popular! Oh and just a warning, make sure you listen at the beginning -there’s a test at the end! Happy candle making…chandlers!

Candle Making Workshop in London

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