• MAR 5, 2011
  • WRITTEN BY: Evie Stacey

If you’re thinking of giving your girlfriend, fiancée or wife a gift like no other, you’ve probably given some thought to diamonds.But does a diamond automatically mean you’re thinking marriage? How do you know if you’re choosing a high-quality diamond? How can you tell if you’re buying from the right jeweller? And, most importantly-how can you know what she wants? If you’ve got questions about buying diamonds, we’ve got answers.

When to buy a diamond?

Diamonds are closely associated with engagement rings. However, diamonds are also the perfect gift for other romantic occasions. If you’re moving in with your girlfriend for the first time, what better way to commemorate the event than with a set of diamond earrings? Give a diamond pendant as a mother’s day gift for your wife, or a bracelet that matches your engagement ring as the perfect anniversary gift.Diamond jewellery makes a stunning and unexpected gift for Valentines Day, birthdays and holidays as well.

Why women love diamonds.

Ever since girlhood, most women were raised on fairy tales of the handsome groom, the perfect wedding-and the
romantic proposal. Chances are, that proposal included a sparkling diamond ring. For generations, diamonds have symbolized eternal love and devotion.It’s true that some women love to show off big, pricey diamonds. But women don’t just love diamonds because they’re an expensive gift. Most women truly believe that when a man gives the gift of diamonds, he is symbolically offering a love that will last a lifetime. That’s why diamonds make the perfect romantic gift-no matter your budget.

The Four C’s.

If you’re planning on giving the gift of diamonds, you’ll need to know what to look for. Jewellers commonly rate diamonds according to the Four C’s: carat, cut, color, and clarity.


refers to a diamond’s weight. Generally, the higher the diamond’s carat, the more it’s worth.However, it’s important to remember that a bigger diamond won’t always be worth more than a smaller one. If the diamond is large but not well-cut, or if the colour isn’t high-quality, it may be worth less than a smaller diamond with good colour or an exceptional cut.


refers to the way a diamond is shaped to reflect light.There are several common shapes, including round, oval, marquise, pear, emerald-cut, heart-shaped, princess-cut, and radiant-cut. In addition to shape, however, cut refers to how a diamond’s facets are angled to best reflect the light. A good cut can make the diamond more brilliant, and a low-quality cut can make it less so. Well-cut diamonds, regardless of shape, are worth more.


is important in determining a diamond’s value. Generally, a diamond has a higher value the closer it is to perfectly colorless. The more clear a diamond is, the more rare it is. There are also highly colored diamonds
that are exceptionally rare-and thus extremely expensive. Canary-yellow, pink, and green diamonds are often found on the engagement rings of celebrities and royalty.


refers to the amount of impurities in a diamond. Because diamonds occur naturally, each stone will contain a few mineral impurities that appear as natural blemishes inside the diamond. A skilled jeweler will be able to cut the stone in order to downplay or eliminate as many impurities as possible, increasing the diamond’s value.

Picking a reputable jeweler.

A jeweler ought to have well-trained staff on hand. Most reputable jewelers will offer a money-back guarantee on non-custom jewelry. Most importantly, a reputable jeweler’s diamonds should be certified by an independent gemological laboratory such as the International Gemological Institute (IGI), the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), or the European Gemological Laboratories (EGL). These laboratories certify a diamond’s quality.

Finding out what she wants.

Jewelry can be a high-stakes gift. Give her the right jewelry, and she’ll feel loved and cherished. Give her the
wrong one, and it might reflect badly on your relationship. Since you can’t read minds, take her to a jewelry store and notice the jewels she likes. Pay attention to the jewelry she wears-is it classicor flamboyant?Antique or
modern? Silver or gold? Does she like small, delicate pieces or big, chunky jewelry? Are her ears pierced? Ask her friends and family what they think she’d like. Diamonds are a truly exceptional gift, and a piece of prized diamond jewelry is sure to become a treasured keepsake.Do your research, determine your budget, and decide on the style that best suits her-and you should wind up with a beautiful gift that will truly impress.


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