• MAR 30, 2012
  • WRITTEN BY: Aaron Thomas

To celebrate the recent launch of two new boudoir photography experiences, we thought we’d delve a little deeper and get to know one of our newest suppliers; Boudoir by Cameo. We spoke to Nicola to catch up and understand why boudoir is becoming so popular, and to get her views on the elegant form of photography – to find out what works best for ladies looking for some saucy, sultry snaps!

Hi Nicola, thanks for talking to us today. So, What was it that first got you interested in boudoir Photography?

The idea of combining photography with art, which is what I think boudoir epitomises. It’s not your average photoshoot as it takes place in a blacked-out studio with very low lighting, and quite often as the photographer; you’re telling the ladies to look away from the camera or you’ll be cropping into various body parts. There are no bright lights or flashing your pearly whites in our studio!

What is your favourite part of the job?

I have to cheat as there are two aspects that I love. Firstly, the feeling that is ignited within the ladies following on from their shoot; they are often overcome with a ‘glow’ and have a certain bounce in their step. Secondly, the reaction they have when they see their images; often ladies can’t believe it’s them in the photographs (in a good way), which is always great as it shows you have done your job well.

How long have you been offering the experiences?

Our boudoir studio was launched in 2009 so we’re three years old this year!

What is it about boudoir Photography that makes it such a great gift or experience?

Well, it’s a combination really of a huge variety of reasons. Whether it is to keep a private photo album to share with a partner or for your eyes only, or whether it is just to feel sexy and risqué in the moment – it is a personal preference. Whatever the initial reason, the end result is always the same; a great confidence boost with tangible memories that will stay with you forever.

What can ladies expect from start to finish on a day in the Boudoir by Cameo studios?

Arrive at our studios, relax, drink some bubbly and when they are ready – make their way into the studio with one of our female photographers. They will be fully informed and prepared for what is to come and what the shoot entails, as the photographer will have a little chat to get a better understanding of the client and the reasons for the shoot. With that in mind, the photographer will provide the expertise and advice throughout – providing full direction, including poses, positions and posterior placement! It will be a work out of sorts, but ladies will leave feeling energised, giddy and like they have rediscovered their mojo!

Do you have an average customer?

Not at all! We have photographed ladies of all ages, shapes and sizes. I think the eldest lady we have snapped looking fabulous was in fact 76 years old. With such variety in shape, size, preference and taste; there is no single uniform of ‘sexiness’. With the correct lighting and the most flattering of angles – even girls who’ve convinced themselves they aren’t feminine will be amazed by what is possible – and how beautiful they really are. Even girls who you’d think would be a natural in front of the camera can suffer from stage fright – and shake like a leaf! As the experience is very tailored and bespoke, the personal nature ensures you can be as far in or as far out of your comfort zone as you like – making a boudoir photoshoot perfect for every woman out there!

What advice you would give for someone thinking about booking an experience?

JUST DO IT!! All the hesitations and hang ups that you may have are totally natural and very common. But, if you’re feeling nervous just thinking about doing it – I won’t lie – it will be even more nerve-wracking on the day. But, once you’re in the swing of it and have settled into the shoot – trust me, it will all be worthwhile, as it is such an exhilarating experience. And of course, once you’ve finished the shoot – you will have the photos to show off for ever!

So, as the boss – I suppose you must have had one or two boudoir photoshoots?

Yes of course. We’re always in the studios coming up with new poses and taking turns in trying them out to see how it would suit our clients. So, as well as great fun – it’s part of our job to have practice shoots to try and find new or sexy poses to use in customer’s shoots.

Great stuff, this all sounds great to us Nicola – we’ll be trying this out soon! Many thanks for talking to us today, and good luck with your future photoshoots and discovering new poses!

If you would like to enjoy a boudoir photography experience from the experts at Boudoir by Cameo, check out our newly added experiences below:

Boudoir Photography Experience
Price £99
This great boudoir photography experience will allow you to get comfortable in front of the camera with the help of the all female staff. They will work with yu to capture the very essence of who you are during a 45 minute bespoke session in front of the camera in a low-light studio. A makeup artist and hair stylist will work their magic to ensure you look and feel your absolute best and leave with some beautiful images. After the shoot, you will be able to take home a 7’x5′ print as well as 10 photos in your online gallery.

Boudoir Photography Experience
Price £295
Expereience the ultimate boudoir session with an all female team of experts ensuring you look and feel your best while in font of the camera. The team know all of the best poses and positions to make everyone feel comfortable, and after a session with a hair and make-up artist – you’ll be out posing and pouting for the camera. After the shoot, you will be able to take home five 5’x7′ prints as well as 15 of your best images in your online gallery. The Boudoir by Cameo team will be able to put you at ease, and help you strike some truly beautiful poses showing off the feminine form.


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