AFF Skydiving Course Nottingham

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Become a qualified skydiver with this fantastic Accelerated Free Fall Course, where you will complete 8 jumps with the instructors from a range of heights including 5,000ft. 6,000ft & 12,500ft.

  • Nottingham (Nottinghamshire)
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£ 1399

AFF Skydiving Course Nottingham

Become a qualified skydiver with this fantastic Accelerated Free Fall Course, where you will complete 8 jumps with the instructors from a range of heights including 5,000ft. 6,000ft & 12,500ft.
Full AFF Courses at Langar Airfield are the ideal way to earn yourself the fantastic skydiving qualification, as with an accelerated progression through the levels en route to becoming a solo skydiver; you can enjoy 8 jumps and learn the skills behind managing your entire future jumps.

Once you've completed the AFF Levels and made a further 10 consolidation jumps, you'll be free to jump anywhere in the world - and experience the surreal sensation of free fall wherever you go! With expert tuition and all equipment included, you'll speed through the ranks and learn the skills to become a spectacular solo skydiver!AFF Courses in Nottingham with BPS Langar will generally begin on a Monday with Ground School, where you and two or three other students will practice and perfect the theory behind the skydiving techniques with expert tutelage and a varying range of procedures to get to grips with. You'll be enjoying classroom lessons in everything from exiting the aircraft with two instructors to maintaining control and communication throughout free fall. You'll also have a lesson deploying the parachute and steering back to the ground - mastering the techniques at ground level before taking your new free fall skills to begin a lifetime of jumping!

AFF Level 1 starts with a 12,500ft jump - where two instructors will hold on to either side of you throughout free fall and advise the parachuting techniques over radio. As you've been practicing the skills and learning the theory at ground level, you'll know exactly what to do and have expert advice ensuring a smooth and enjoyable process. After each and every jump, you and the instructors will run through a comprehensive debrief - discussing the skills learned and practiced - and then those required for Level 2.

Once you've progressed through Level 1, you'll be ready to tackle the remaining levels (2-7), which will generally include one jump per Level - involving skydives from 5,000ft and 6,000ft with the professionals in close proximity to direct your jumps (with diminishing responsibility on their shoulders as you progress through the ranks). The first of these stages will cover your 'first release' - before progressing to learn skills such as turning, backloops and how to 'track' movement when in the air. Building your confidence and skydiving ability as you progress through the qualifications, the next few levels will lead you up all the way to Level 8 - where you'll complete everything entirely solo! With an instructor in the plane and one on the floor awaiting your landing, you'll manage the entire jump from the exit to landing safely back on terra firma! Once you have mastered those skills, you will have graduated from the AFF School - ready to complete 10 consolidation jumps to earn the right to skydive solo anywhere in the world!

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Accelerated Free Fall Courses in Nottingham are available 7 days per week throughout the year. 'Ground School' generally starts on a Monday, where you'll learn the theory and techniques on the ground before practicing them throughout the rest of the week.


Minimum Age: 16 (Under 18's need a signed letter of consent from parent or guardian)
Maximum Age: 55 (Over 40's need BPA signed declaration from doctor)
Maximum Weight: 15 Stone (95kg)

You Cannot Skydive If You Have Any of the Following:
Severe Head Injury
Recurrent Blackouts
Disease of the Brain or Nervous System
High Blood Pressure
Heart or Lung Disease
Recurrent Weakness or Dislocation of Any Limb
Mental Illness
Drug or Alcohol Addiction


Experience Duration: 00:00

Time at Venue: 00:00

AFF courses usually take around 5-7 days to complete, depending on the weather.

This would usually begin with a 'Ground School' classroom brief on the Monday before commencing the 8 jumps over the remainder of the week - if the conditions allow. The course does not have to be completed over the following week, however it is advised to do it this way.

The AFF Course in Nottingham can take as little as two days, however this would require perfect weather conditions and a high level of fitness - so is highly unlikely.

Group Size & Spectators

Participants: The AFF Skydiving Course Nottingham is for 1 participant.

Max Group Size: -1

Spectators Allowed on Site: Yes

Friends and family are not permitted to watch the AFF Course due to the fact the course is spread over a number of days. However, it is possible to watch a number of the skydives from the viewing area.

There is an on site canteen that serves hot food and drinks throughout skydiving operational hours.

Where is it Located
What to wear

You should wear casual and comfortable clothes for your AFF Course with British Parachute Schools, as you'll be wearing the safety equipment provided over the duration. This will include:

Two Parachutes (Main & Reserve)
- The large parachute is a square 'ram-air' canopy - which is the result of many years design innovation and is now used by most experienced skydivers.


AFF courses in Nottingham are weather dependent.

If the wind or rain is too strong on the day you may be required to wait around at BPS Langar Airfield.

If the conditions on the day do not look like clearing, the Level of course that you are attempting will be rescheduled for more convenient date.

£ 1399
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