• APR 1, 2010
  • WRITTEN BY: Evie Stacey

For most married couples, one of the highlights of the year is their wedding anniversary. This special day was chosen, planned carefully, and celebrated lushly the first year, so why not treat that day in a very special way each year? These days, with so many marriages in trouble, every anniversary is a tribute to the constancy of a couple’s enduring love.

But the wedding anniversary is not the only special day couples can celebrate. Often one of the couple, usually the wife, can tell you the exact date that the two met, shared their first date, or perhaps shared that first kiss. These dates can become other special anniversaries to be cherished and remembered down through the years.

Unfortunately, many couples neglect to make those anniversaries special. They let themselves get too busy with the routines of life to take the time to celebrate. This can be a big mistake for a couple. The drudgery of work needs to be punctuated with special times spent together. Without making an effort to do this, couples can wake one morning and realize they hardly know each other, since they live separate lives.

Marriage is one of the sweetest experiences in all of life when the relationship is supportive and loving. A good, strong marriage also forms the foundation for well-rounded, happy children and young people. Kids feel secure when they know their mom and dad love each other. Cherishing and celebrating our anniversaries adds to our children’s security in the long run (even though they might argue with the idea of being left with a babysitter!) It’s even been found that children learn better and are more competent socially when their mother and father have a great relationship.

A good marriage can satisfy both partners with a sense of completeness and fulfilment. In order to keep a marriage strong and healthy, the two people involved need to grow and mature together. A good marriage will build self-esteem in both parties, as each cheers the other on in personal growth.

Every special time that is set aside can work toward making a relationship stronger and more committed. Every couple will benefit by setting aside an evening each week to at least take a date, even if it is just a meal out together. For those special anniversaries, however, a truly memorable experience is in order.

There are many classic gift ideas for a husband or wife who wants to treat their spouse to something special. In fact, it’s easy to find a list of traditional gifts based on the number of years a couple has been married. For instance, the twenty-fifth anniversary is a traditional time to give a couple gifts made of silver, since it is their silver anniversary.

Other years have a special gift category as well. For instance, the fifth anniversary is traditionally one for gifts made of wood, while the tenth anniversary is for tin or aluminium gifts. The only problem is, these days; most households already have too many things in them. Clutter control is a hot topic for those wishing to be more streamlined and organized in life.

Since we know we should cherish our anniversaries, but we also know that we don’t need more material things, a great clutter-free option is to plan a special outing. Splurge a little and give that loved husband or wife the dream of their lives! Does your wife dream of floating in a hot air balloon? Does your husband dream of driving a racecar? You can share such a special experience with your sweetheart for a day you’ll remember and treasure always.

Of course, you’ll want to reserve time on your special outing for the two of you to be alone. Why not spend the night or the weekend at a special spa or hotel? You could take in a bit of the nightlife first, or not, depending on your own desires. Look for a hotel that has a honeymoon suite, complete with a Jacuzzi for two and a king-sized bed.

Since you are celebrating your special day, take the time to reminisce about the details of that day and the early months of your relationship. Did you fall in love at first sight? While psychologists and counsellors usually insist it’s impossible, many happily married couples will tell you they knew they were destined to be together from the first moment they laid eyes on each other!

Try to remember the funny and romantic things that happened on your wedding day. Look at the photos in your wedding album, especially if you haven’t had it out for a few years. Take a minute to admire those young physiques and laugh at the out-of-style hair. Let the happy memories add cement to the bond between the two of you. Cherish those anniversaries! After all, they only roll around once a year!


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