• MAR 21, 2012
  • WRITTEN BY: Aaron Thomas

Bungee Jumping experiences have never been exclusive in participation, from obese to oap – if you fancy it enough, the capability is there to let anybody feel the rush of pure adrenaline associated with suspended free fall!

With the amount of jumps we have completed here at Extreme Element, we’ve seen our fair share of bungee brilliance and bravado down the years, from naked jumps to a Guinness World Record. But, even we were a little taken aback by the bravery shown by Christine Rougoor over in Whistler, British Columbia this week, as she made the giant leap whilst seated in her wheelchair!

Supported by 9Lives Adventures, paraplegic Christine completed the jump with relative ease and claims that her first bungee jump definitely won’t be her last.

Mr Ladki, founder of 9Lives Adventures, said:

“The chair provides much more stability for the bungee jump. It prevents the blood from rolling around the body too fast and prevents black-outs.”

Bungee Jumping isn’t alone in having options for disabled persons – as Aaron “Wheelz” Fotheringham proved with his double back flip, and our skydiving experiences along with many other of the most daring activities show .

What extreme sports would you recommend are suitably capable and suitably daring enough for these fearless PWDs?


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