• JUN 28, 2016
  • WRITTEN BY: Leoni Moninska


It’s sad to see Rosie leave after a year in the office, but it’s time to meet the new interns! They’ll be running and editing the Experience Days blog with all the exciting and new experiences they’ll be faced with in the coming year.

Here are some questions we asked them about the exciting things to come at Experience Days.. 

Q:What was it like meeting the team?

Maddie: I was apprehensive on Monday morning waiting outside the office, but everyone soon put me at ease. I was quickly introduced to the whole team and shown to my new desk. The office is really nicely decorated and welcoming. It even has a balcony where you can sit and eat your lunch overlooking the centre of Brighton. It’s really nice that I have Leoni (the other new intern) here as well, so we are both the new girls! There has been lots to learn so far but everyone has been so helpful if I have been stuck on a task. I am excited to see what the year will bring and the experience I will develop.

Leoni: Although I was very nervous about meeting the team, it was nice to meet Maddie before hand so we could talk about it on the way to the bungee jump. We already knew each other from Uni and we were both nervous about the same things. When we got to the bungee jump in the marina – despite all the adrenaline – actually meeting the team was really relaxed. I quickly felt comfortable and everyone was really friendly and welcoming. After the jump which Maddie and I did together (despite being petrified.. we thought we’d make good first impressions) we all went for a meal and then drinks with the office and the bungee jump crew. It definitely made me glad that I knew I’d be working in a small office for my placement and got me excited to start my first day.



Q: Are there any experiences that you would really like to do?

Leoni: Almost having finished day two, there have been loads of experiences that I have come across over the last few days that I am really keen to try. Since facing my fears at the bungee jump, it’s made me want to do more adrenaline fuelled experiences such as sky diving or paragliding, dirt bike riding, jet skiing, helicopter riding etc. As well as these I’d also really like to do some cooking courses or drink making/ tasting courses to try and develop my culinary skills

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Maddie: Well considering Leoni and I have already done a bungee jump, any more experiences are a bonus! Although we were both very scared on the day, especially considering this was the first time we had meet our team, I am so proud we decided to do it. It was nice after the jump and the initial meeting of the team that we went for dinner to get to know each other. This made my first day  less nerve-wracking as I knew how welcoming everyone was. Throughout the year, I would love to try some of the water experiences like scuba diving or power boat activities, they all look so fun.

Q: What aspects of the internship are you most looking forward to?

Maddie: I am most looking forward to taking part in the activities and writing reviews for these. This is one of the main factors that attracted me to applying for this placement. It provides something different and interesting to do, whilst still gaining all the experience needed to further progress in my business degree and future employment. I am looking forward to working in a small team as I feel I will be given more responsibility, which will help me develop more employable skills. It will be interesting to learn about a solely online company and the ways in which it operates.

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Leoni: I’m really excited about the whole thing really, to learn the ins and outs and about the fundamental runnings of how the company works day to day. I have already learnt so much that I know I’ll be able to apply for the rest of my career and I am excited to learn and do more as time goes on. I am also looking forward to doing experiences with Maddie, as I know we have a similar adrenaline threshold and it will be fun to do all the experiences with her.

Q: What do you hope to get out of your year working with us?

Maddie: I am hoping to put some of the knowledge I have learned at Uni into real-world application. I’m hoping to develop this knowledge through creating content for Experience Days like blog posts, social media activity and website content. This is something I have never done in previous jobs but I am up for the challenge of trying it out. It will be useful to be able to gain feedback on what I create from the experienced team and improve my work. I also want to gain an insight in business life, to help me in whatever I decide to do after my studies.

Leoni: Just to learn more about the company as a whole, as well as all it’s little bits on day to day running etc. I think it’ll be really important to learn how Experience Days operates and I know I’ll be able to apply everything I learn in the next year in the future too. I’m so glad to have got this placement too, as I think it’s a fun company to start my working career in and I’ll get to do a whole range of tasks, – and of course the activities too!


We will be handing over to Maddie and Leoni from now, so we look forward to hearing from them throughout the year!


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