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With Ariel Yoga being the latest yoga craze.  We wanted to find out more about Very Yoga, their unique studio in Reigate  and the benefits of the suspended hammock poses.  

1. How was Very Yoga founded? 

Very Yoga was founded from a love of hot and aerial yoga. We noticed the local area would benefit from the hotter / dynamic styles of  yoga, and we hoped that by bringing this to Reigate we could entice more people to start their yoga journey. 

2. Please introduce us to your yoga professionals.

We have a whole range of excellent teachers! We’re incredibly passionate about what we do, and are keen to share our experiences of yoga with everyone who steps through the door. There’s always an encouraging face ready to support students on their journey.

3. Please can you explain your philosophy Heat, Healing, Health?

Heat - Our aim was always to bring the heat to Reigate. Our variety of hot yoga classes allow the body to stretch, tone, detoxify and build strength. The heat increases students’ flexibility to allow a greater range of movement, and for them to access postures which might otherwise be restricted. 

Healing - We offer a haven to unwind and relax. We encourage students to break away from the stresses and expectations of modern day life at Very Yoga. We hope that people leave feeling renewed and refreshed, ready to face the world. 

Health - Alongside the benefits for students’ minds, our variety of classes work the body in a number of different ways. They help to increase flexibility, develop muscle tone and perfect posture. We hope to offer something different and innovate that will work every part of the body. 

4. Talk us through the different levels of difficulty in yoga.  

We welcome people from all backgrounds and abilities into our oasis of calm. Most classes are open level so suitable for all. We also have classes specifically for beginners and even a 6 week beginners course.

5. Is ariel yoga suitable for beginners? 

We have two aerial classes that are specifically for beginners: Tuesday 6pm – 7pm, and Saturday 11am – 12pm. 

6. What advice/tips would you give to an individual who is apprehensive about going to their first yoga class?

We recently wrote an 8 step guide to get into yoga for a local newspaper. Here is a snap shot of our advice:

You don’t have to be super flexible:

No one is expecting you to master a scorpion in your first class or even touch your toes! Your postures will take you to your limit and then allow you to work on improving them in an effective way.

It may feel strange to begin with:

You’ll use and stretch muscles you forgot you even had and will probably wake up in the morning aching in all sorts of places!

Don’t be put off by the names:

Kundalini, Yogasana, Yin. Try them all – see which ones work for you. They are all slightly different so experiment!

Stick at it!:

It’s a journey and it will take time but the more regularly you practise, the quicker you will see the improvements. Yoga is often referred to as a marathon and not a sprint. 

Practise intelligently:

With regular practise, you’ll start to be more aware of your body, how you’re feeling, and where your limits are. To begin with you may need to take breaks (especially in hot yoga!) but I can promise you no one will even notice if you remain in child pose for half the class!

7. How would you say Very Yoga differs from other yoga experiences?

We hope to offer something different and innovate that will provide students with a full body workout whether it is counteracting gravity in our Aerial classes or moving with purpose in Vinyasa Flow. The studio also has a fantastic community feel where everyone is made to feel welcome.

8. What does the future hold for Very Yoga? 

We’re continuing to grow, and our next project is to collaborate with another local business to implement a health foods café in the studio, offering smoothies, juices and specialist nutritional advice. We are also hoping to start offering workshops to compliment our growing classes.  

Thank you to Victoria for taking the time to answer our questions! We loved finding out more about Very Yoga and the experiences you provide. I for one can't wait to have a go at Ariel Yoga and find my inner yogi! 


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