We’ve taken a moment to help you find some excellent summer time experiences this year! Whether you’re looking to take the whole family out, or it’s just for you – we have some great things lined up at Experience Days. Think summer; being out in the sunshine, with the opportunity to do all sorts of fun outdoor activities (lets hope the British weather holds out!). Keep reading for further inspiration…

yacht-sailing-with-lunchWhen you read ‘summer activity’, you might imagine a sailing boat on smooth waters with a blue sky’d background. Well, we certainly  do – and with this experience you get to make that dream a reality. Sit back and relax in the sun, sip on wine and watch the clouds go by. More of an active person? You can opt for a hands-on experience, and take the helm yourself. Either way, you’re sure to catch a tan!

From Brighton to Perthshire, we have sailing, yachting and boating experiences guaranteed to delight.

bristol-wine-tasting-and-bike-tourCity Tours are by far some of our most popular experiences. In Bristol, not only can you enjoy the beautiful city sights by bike – there’s also a wine tasting! The perfect day out for a sunny spell, and a chance to relax without feeling lazy!

Touring a city – whether it’s your homwtown, or just a weekend getaway – will give you a unique opportunity to discover it’s fascinating past, forgotten secrets, and hidden gems.

2302_2Calling all adrenaline junkies! Why not try something exhilarating, petrifying and totally cool all in one? See the world from a bird’s perspective with an unforgettable Skydiving experience.

This activity might seem scary – but there’s only one way to conquer your fears! Take the plunge this summer, and experience the thrill of flying (or falling – you decide). Granted you may not catch a tan, but you’ll definitely deserve a couple of days’ relaxation afterwards.

bristol-supStand Up Paddle boarding (SUP) should definitely be on everyone’s bucket list. Find peace on the water, get a great work out, and enjoy the awesome feeling of perfecting a new skill.

Whether you SUP in Cambridge, Stirling or elsewhere on the Thames, you’re guaranteed to have fun in the sun with this activity. An excellent family day out, and a good laugh for groups of friends, SUP is something we at Experience Days highly recommend!

dolphin-and-whale-watching-pembrokeshireLast, but by no means least – why not spend a beautiful summer’s day on another boat! What sets this trip apart, however, is you get to go dolphin watching!

Across the UK, boat tours are a great way to spend quality time with the family (youngsters welcome) and see some of the most beautiful animals to call our oceans home – from Dolphins to Whales. Boat trips and tours are a chance to see your favorite landscapes from a totally different and unique perspective.

We hope we’ve inspired you ahead of this summer’s antics, and we’re all crossing our fingers the British weather holds out! Enjoy spending time in the sun and discover a new home-grown adventure today.


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