• FEB 10, 2012
  • WRITTEN BY: Aaron Thomas

With so much career choice out there today, the task of defining your life’s work is a daunting one to say the least. Whether you’ll end up crunching numbers behind a desk or handing out flyers on the streets – we’ll always have our fantasy jobs to sit and daydream about.

Here at Experience Days, we’re in the business of letting you escape the daily routine of work, providing the most exciting activities that would make for the ultimate career path choices- so to get yourself on that long and winding road to success, why not get a taster first of what’s available…

Fly With A Fighter Pilot

The dream job for all young men and Top Gun enthusiasts is of course to be a fighter pilot, as performing aerobatics in the nimble planes with an ex RAF pilot is about as exciting as any career choice could be! Taking the controls yourself, you can feel the Gs as you pull barrel rolls, loop the loop and figures of 8 – with the direction of the ground a distant memory!

Silverstone Single Seater

For those with dreams of taking pole position in the Grand Prix, a single seater driving experience is the ideal place to learn the basics and get an understanding of the heart racing form of driving. Learning at Silverstone with professional instructors should get you in the fast lane of this motorised career road!

Powerboat Taster Session

For those fascinated by the power of the sea, captaining a large vessel or oceanic yacht would be a fine choice, but for those with a need for speed – powerboating is just about as adrenaline pumping as aqua activities can get, and would make for a career with lots of ups and downs!

Model Makeover Photoshoot

For those who’d prefer a more snappy career in the limelight, getting used to showing your best side for the camera is an absolute must. With this great model makeover shoot, you can experience the glamour of getting dolled up and quick wardrobe changes, as you embark on an afternoon of posing and pouting!

Wine Tasting With Cooking

Commanding your apprentices around a busy kitchen is a heated yet very desirable career for the masterchefs out there, and with so much variation coming from all over the world; a delicious taster in a themed kitchen is the ideal place to start building up your recipes ready to set up your own restaurant!

And there we have it, a top five career choice guide for those in search of some inspiration and excitement. Well, we can all dream…


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