• DEC 15, 2011
  • WRITTEN BY: Aaron Thomas

Top 5 Christmas Gifts for New Hobbies
Experience Days just sometimes aren’t enough for those looking to fully submerge themselves in something new, with an in-depth course often proving much more satisfying than the more accessible experience gifts. With this awesome top 5 list, you can see what other Christmas-shopping gift hunters have opted for this festive period, from Massage Workshops to Kitesurfing water sports; there is a course to tickle everybody’s fancy and spark a new love of hobbies!

Indian Super Food Cookery Course
Price £129
Learn to cook some of the healthiest and tastiest dishes the curry world has to offer! From hangover curing dishes to cold & flu busting curries; you can learn the authentic cooking methods from renowned chef Gurpareet Bains. You’ll be learning some of the tips and tricks that really make a difference in the kitchen – changing your cooking qualities for the new year. You will also receive a signed copy of his cookery book, so you’d best hope the family like curry, because that’s what they’re getting for the foreseeable!

Experience Includes: Cooking The Healthiest Meal In The World, World Famous Chef, Signed Copy of His Book.
Where it’s Available: London

Bar Flairing Experience
Price £115
Impress your friends and fellow dinner-party’ers with some seriously cool moves. Don’t just be great at drinking cocktails and spirits, be great at making them too! From catching it behind your back to balancing on your fingers, there isn’t a guest in the land who wouldn’t put down their knife and fork in awe of some serious bar flairing skills – but with this great lesson you can perfect what goes into the shaker as well as how it is shaken!

Experience Includes: Learning How to Spin, Throw, Balance & Catch Bottles, Make Cocktails and All the Tricks!
Where it’s Available: London

Digital Photography Full Day Course
Price £129
See the world in a different light as you take your photography on to the next level (whatever level you’re at now) through the expert advice of a professional. There are photos, and then there is photography; and for those hankering toward the latter – a new angle, effect or style can make all the difference. So, for those wanting to get started, or for those wanting to improve at a faster rate – a day spent training with the professionals will work wonders for your portfolio.

Experience Includes: Expert Tuition from Professional, Theory & Practical Demos.
Where it’s Available: Birmingham, Bristol, Edinburgh, London, Leeds Manchester, Newcastle, Nottingham

Couple’s Massage Workshop
Price £235
Treat your loved one to a massage, and get one in return! This sumptuous class will put some spice into your relaxation rituals, as you are shown the pressure points and massage manoeuvres by a professional – allowing you to hit the spot every time you fire up those magic massage mits! Soothe the stresses of your most loved one…and then await your turn as you will both be clued up and ready to get to work on those killer knots – equipped with the knowledge to really do the trick.

Experience Includes: Massage Technique Skills, Informative Demonstrations, ‘Hands-on’ Tuition.
Where it’s Available: London

Kitesurfing 1 Day Course
Price £119
For those with a hankering for the extreme, the bustling sport of Kitesurfing has been thriving for the last few years with hordes of people hitting the seas each weekend to practice & perfect those skills. With this great 1 day lesson, you can learn the theory behind the sport, kite handling and an awful lot more. Then, once you’ve mastered the basics – you’ll be ready to get out on the board; riding the waves at great speed and with great adrenaline!

Experience Includes: Practical & Theory Demonstrations, Expert Instructor, Equipment for the Day.
Where it’s Available: Cumbria, Dorset, Hampshire, Kent, Merseyside, Northumberland, Swansea

And there we have it, a Top 5 list from an endless array of choice to begin a new hobby and spark something new within your lucky gift recipients. Treat them to something special that won’t be shelved straight away – and remember, a hobby is for life and not just for Christmas!


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