It’s that time again – when Experience Days welcomes two new interns to the team!

Below are some questions we asked our new marketing assistants, Blossom and Rebecca!

Let’s begin…

Q: How did you feel prior to your first day working at Experience Days?

Blossom: Before my first day at Experience Days, I felt apprehensive to begin such an important part of my university degree, as well as it is a big step for me into the real world within the working industry. However, speaking to the previous interns and gathering necessary information about the internship helped calm my nerves.

Rebecca: Since finding out I got the job with Experience Days I have been eager to begin the position of the Marketing Assistant. Initially, I was very excited for my next big adventure as I was ready to apply everything I had learnt at University to a real job role. There was obviously a few first-day nerves as it became closer to my start date. However, I had already spoken a lot to the previous interns and had a clear understanding of what I was to expect and how impressive the training plan was which helped with my initial confidence.

Q: How did you find meeting the whole team on the first day?

Blossom: I had actually been lucky enough to meet most of the team prior to beginning my first day of work, which I felt was a really good opportunity to get to know the team outside of work, although still slightly nervous to turn up to the office on the following Monday morning. I was given a warm welcome and introduction to the marketing role I had been given, along with the other intern Rebecca.

Rebecca: At Experience Days the office has a fairly small number of employees. This made it easy to join into as everyone was extremely friendly and approachable as they welcomed me to the team. I found that within my first week I got the opportunity to work with many of the team which made it easy to settle in.

Q: Have you completed an experience yet? If so which one?

Blossom: Rebecca and I were lucky enough to have a surprise experience booked for us by the previous interns, which again made us feel very welcome to our first day at the office. I was extremely excited as I was unaware of what was ahead of us, we were shortly told that we were visiting the B.Bakery Afternoon Tea Bus. The whole experience was brilliant, defiantly has to be one of my favourite afternoon teas I have tasted!

Rebecca: Before I started my job I was told that we would be getting the opportunity to participate in an experience on my first day. I was very excited as a big part of my job would involve visiting clients and going on experiences. It was not until my first day when I arrived at the office that I found out what I was doing. When I heard that we would be going on a B Bakery Afternoon Tea Bus I was very excited as I had never done anything like this before. I thought it was a fantastic idea combining both a relaxing experience of Afternoon Tea while seeing the sights of London.

The day out was one that I will always remember as my first day at Experience Days. This relaxing experience was the perfect environment to get to know the other new intern and the interns we were replacing as we chatted over a scone or two. I got to learn a lot of interesting facts about London while enjoying a beautiful Afternoon Tea in a red vintage bus. I will defiantly be going on this experience again with a group of friends.


Q: Are there any experiences that you’ll hope to do by the end of your internship?

Blossom: One of the things that really interested me about the placement was the opportunity of possibly getting to complete some of the brilliant experiences available at Experience Days. Although I am completely open to participating in many of the experiences, I do have a few which I would love to complete by the end of my placement, examples being; cookery classes, flyboarding, hang gliding and spa experiences.

Rebecca: I know I have always told myself that I would never do it but after speaking to everyone in the office about completing a Bungee Jump I have somehow been persuaded. I feel that while I am given a significant amount of opportunities at work that I should embrace everything over the next year.

Q: Are there any goals you can think of that you hope to achieve by the end of the year?

Blossom: There are many things I would hope to achieve by the end of the year, one of the main aims is to ensure I will learn key aspects of a business, such as digital marketing, customer service and to learn more about an office environment. I am extremely excited for what the year holds.

Rebecca: I arrived at Experience Days feeling fairly confident that I knew a lot of Marketing skills and knowledge. However, I wanted to apply this into a business and identify the areas that I needed to learn or improve on. By the end, I am hoping to achieve a strong understanding of digital marketing and social media.

Thanks Blossom and Rebecca – we wish you every success in the coming year!


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