• DEC 20, 2012
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The Mayans predicted tomorrow would be the end of the world and whether you believe it or not we wanted to have some fun with it. With that in mind, if today really was your last day on Earth… what would you want to spend it doing? Perhaps, confessing your undying love for someone, maybe eating a truck load of your favourite sweets… or possibly even one of these:

A Relaxing Spa Day

What better way to spend your last day on Earth than being pampered and massaged, whether it’s a spa day with Marriott or even a pamper experience with a loved one, feeling relaxed could be the perfect way to face the end of the World! With experiences ranging from £20 to £695 a beautifully relaxing pampering day is perfect for everyone… although with it being your last day, I’m sure breaking the bank will be the least of your worries!

Skydiving from a plane

Rather do something a little more extreme? How about jumping out of a plane and having a parachute gently glide you back to Earth! Experience Days even offer you the highest tandem skydive in the UK – 15,000ft up in the sky! Crazy.

If that’s not an amazing way to spend your last day on the Earth, then I don’t know what is.

Drive a Supercar or Race Around A Track 

Perhaps you want to have slightly more control… how about racing around one of the UK’s most renowned tracksSilverstone, Goodwood or Knockhill. With everything from a Lamborghini experience to a Rally Day, Experience Days can provide you with a drive in just about anything… maybe not a spaceship to escape though! Also, we highly recommend you don’t hijack one of these cars, you might find yourself in a spot of trouble if you live to see the next day!

Drinking tea and champagne

How could we  forget food? Mmm… your last few hours eating delicious scones and drinking tea, sounds like a perfect day to us! You can spend this experience with a loved one too, just sipping champagne and relaxing at one of many beautiful locations – The Marriott Hotel, The Bentley Hotel or The Thoresby Hotel.


We love the sound of all four! Plenty of ideas, it’s just up to you to decide which one you would go for – a luxurious, relaxing day… or a treat for that adrenaline junkie side of you!





Happy New Year



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