Tandem Skydive Cambridge - Weekday Special

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Tandem Skydiving at London's closest Drop Zone - experience the rush of free fall at the UK's most popular parachuting centre, falling 10,000ft in March, Cambridgeshire.

  • March (Cambridgeshire)
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£ 199

Tandem Skydive Cambridge - Weekday Special

Tandem Skydiving at London's closest Drop Zone - experience the rush of free fall at the UK's most popular parachuting centre, falling 10,000ft in March, Cambridgeshire.

Skydiving Experience Days: Tandem Skydiving in Cambridge at March's Chatteris Airfield is the most popular choice amongst all drop zoners, as the beautiful countryside and the number of jumps facilitated at London's closest skydiving centre make this fantastic parachuting airfield the UK's most popular. With magnificent views of the countryside below, 30 seconds of free fall and a dedicated airfield with two planes running all day - a skydive in Cambridgeshire comes very highly recommended for more than just those coming from London! Our cheapest priced tandem skydive is the perfect choice for those seeking a weekday thrill!

The rush of adrenaline as the hatch opens coupled with the insane feeling of falling 5,000ft at a speed of 120mph are what makes a tandem skydive one of the most unforgettable experiences in any lifetime. Your Weekday Tandem Skydive experience in March, Cambridge will begin with signing the registration forms - before moving into the classroom for a safety and technique brief. Then, once loaded with the theory, you'll move to the safety mats ready to begin practising the roll techniques, and where to place your head and legs throughout the jump. Then, it's time to don the safety gear (boiler suit, cap, goggles & gloves) and hit the plane ready to fly to 10,000ft! Sat between the legs of your instructor and attached to their chest by your back, you'll be in one of two rows of skydivers - and once at the desired height, the hatch will open and the skydiving begins! One by one, the instructors will shuffle you up to the door where you'll dangle your legs over the edge, ready to roll forward and fall 10,000ft! Once you've fallen 5,000ft (in around 30 seconds) your instructor will deploy the parachute, and you'll begin the gentle part of activity as you float back down to earth. Once back at ground level, you'll be presented with a personalised certificate of your jump.

This Cambridgeshire Tandem Skydive is the ultimate gift for adrenaline junkies, or anyone looking to experience the thrilling rush of free-fall! Surprise them with an Experience Days voucher today.

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***Please note that this voucher entitles you to a weekday tandem skydive only, Monday to Friday***

For a weekend/anytime tandem skydive, please see here.

Tandem Skydiving is available in North London's closest centre throughout the year -  usually Monday to Friday. (Mondays & Tuesdays are sometimes taken off).

Arrival times are generally 8am on Wednesdays, 8.30am on other days on a first come first served basis.

Photo/video packages can be purchased from the centre directly, upon booking a date - these will vary in price from around £80.00 to £150.00.


Minimum Age: 16
Maximum Weight: 15 stone

If you weigh more than 15 stone but under 16 stone, you can still skydive - however, you will be liable to pay an upgrade charge as it can require a different set of equipment.

Your weight must be in line with your height - Please check the BPA form prior to purchasing to check that you meet these requirements. You can check this here.

If you are concerned you may not meet these requirements, please feel free to give us a call for full terms.

Prior to the jump, all skydivers are required to complete a BPA (British Parachute Association) medical declaration of health form - which must be witnessed. For under 18s, this witness must be a parent or guardian.

Please download the form, here.

Any jumpers who do not meet the conditions of the declaration of health will be required to complete the BPA Request for Medical Advice form - this is to be signed by your doctor prior to the jump. Failure to complete this will prohibit you from skydiving.

If you are disabled this does not mean you cannot skydive!


Experience Duration: 00:10

Time Spent at Venue: 02:00

Your Tandem Skydive experience could take anything from two hours up to a whole day.

Arrival time is usually 8.30am during the week and 8.00am on Wednesdays. Please enquire about your arrival time when making the booking.

With the dependency on weather conditions and the time of your flight, you may be at the centre for the best part of the day.

The skydive itself will involve around 30 seconds of free fall followed by around 5 minutes of gently floating back to ground level.

You can upgrade your skydive to 15,000 ft for an additional £60. This is payable to the skydive centre on the day of your booking, and only available on weekends.

Group Size & Spectators

Participants: The Tandem Skydive Cambridge - Weekday Special is for 1 participant.

Max Group Size: +10

Spectators Allowed on Site: Yes

Spectators are welcome to watch your skydiving experience in Cambridge, and are encouraged to bring cameras to catch the excitement at ground level.

There is a great clubhouse serving refreshments, food and a bar also opens once the final parachute has been deployed on the day. There is also a pool table, showers and many other facilities that make standing around staring at the sky all day that bit more comfortable.

During the summer months this skydiving centre can accommodate up to 65 jumps on weekdays, depending on availability. Group bookings are welcome, so you can experience your skydive on your own or as a group of friends!

Where is it Located
What to wear

You should wear comfortable casual clothes for your skydive in London.

The centre will provide all of the relevant safety equipment, including a jump suit, gloves, cap & goggles.

As the conditions can be rather chilly and you may be standing around a lot during the day, we recommend wrapping up nice and warm!


Tandem Skydiving in March, Cambridge is weather dependent.

If the wind is too strong, the rain is too heavy or the visibility of the ground is poor from the plane - you may have to wait around at the centre for a little while.

If the weather shows no signs of clearing, your skydive may be rescheduled for another convenient date.

£ 199