• APR 19, 2012
  • WRITTEN BY: Aaron Thomas

Although track driving days up there with the most popular activities across our entire website, we haven’t rested on our supercar laurels and have branched out in quite spectacular fashion with these great road-going supercar experiences! Whilst track days provide speed-hungry petrol heads with the unique opportunity to drive some of the world’s most desirable supercars on a racing circuit, our newly added range of 60 minute road hire experiences allow drivers a much more comprehensive experience behind the wheel. From being spotted out in town to getting a feel of how these incredible machines handle around British roads; a 60 minute hire is about much more than just extended driving time.

Having recently welcomed a fantastic new provider to our extensive experience listings, we’re pretty excited here at the Experience Days offices – as the prospect of challenging our track day offering with something so close to home is mouth-watering! Track days will remain the ideal way to put your foot to the floor and feel the acceleration of a 500bhp+ supercar around corners and through straights – but almost as quickly as the car will reach 100mph; your experience is but a distant memory. With these hour long dream machine experiences, you won’t quite be going hell for leather to reach top speed – but you will at least get 60 magnificent minutes to fantasise and fully appreciate the true brilliance of the car and its road-going presence. So, to swap speed for a bit of style and sophistication; a 60 minute hire behind the wheel of your ideal supercar with an advanced driver in the passenger seat is the obvious choice!

McLaren MP4-12c 60 Minute Hire
Price £249
Here is your chance to drive one of the most highly anticipated supercars of recent years – the awesome McLaren MP4-12C! This incredible experience will give you the opportunity to get behind the wheel of the British thoroughbred out on the open road, with a front row seat to hear the roar of the twin turbo V8 engine that boasts 592bhp! Thanks to a 7-speed gear box and aerodynamics inspired by the lessons learned in Formula 1; the McLaren can reach a top speed of around 205mph and handles every bit as good as it looks. With this incredible 60 minute experience, you can forget the small stumbling block of the price tag and own one of the road’s finest vehicles… for an hour.

Mercedes SLS AMG 60 Minute Hire
Price £159
The Mercedes SLS AMG has been described in many corners as not only the best car Mercedes make, but also the best production car available for purchase in the world right now. Hailed as the symbolic successor to the legendary 300sl Gullwing, the SLS keeps with the tradition and incorporates the Gullwing doors and unmistakably sleek design. With a monstrously magnificent 6.2L V8 engine purring away underneath the enormous bonnet, this Merc has unfortunately been limited to a top speed of… 197mph! Although you won’t be reaching anywhere near the dizzy heights of those speeds, you will be able to at least gain some understanding in just how this car can get there!

Ferrari 458 Italia 60 Minute Hire
Price £199
The incredible Ferrari 458 Italia had a lot to live up to when it replaced the highly appreciated F430, but with even more Formula 1 technology and a truly magnificent redesign; ‘live up’ it most certainly did! With 562bhp, the Ferrari 458 Italia has the highest horse power to engine size ratio of any natural aspirated car in the world. So, the F458 Italia is not only magnificently mouth watering and incredibly desirable; but also a master stroke of modern supercar design. With 60 minutes of driving out on the open road, you can get to grips with the Italian beast and begin appreciating how these machines handle – beginning with the awesome tiptronic steering wheel!


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