Weekday Sunrise Hot Air Balloon Flight for 2 People

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Start your day off in the most perfect way imaginable ... with a wonderfully romantic sunrise hot air balloon ride for two!

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Weekday Sunrise Hot Air Balloon Flight for 2 People

Start your day off in the most perfect way imaginable ... with a wonderfully romantic sunrise hot air balloon ride for two!

Hot Air Balloon Experience Days: Drift into the dawning sun and treat yourself to an utterly unforgettable and romantic experience with a special someone with this fantastic sunrise champagne balloon ride. You couldn't find a more relaxing or beautiful start to the day than watching the sun rise up from below the horizon, 2000 ft up as the rest of the country is just waking up. The pure serenity and tranquillity of a morning flight is a great way to start your day, and this is a truly magical experience that really encapsulates what it is to float with the clouds. Let all your worries drift away as you float over a patchwork landscape, enjoying breathtaking 360 degree views as the countryside awakes and the restful peace and tranquillity.

On the day of your chosen flight you will start by meeting the pilot and crew and sign yourself in. There will be a short flight safety briefing and you will then help to prepare inflate the balloon, once all final checks have been completed you will be invited to climb into the basket and prepare for take off. It will be incredibly smooth, and you probably won't even realise you've actually left the ground until you notice people and places getting ever smaller. It will be peaceful, with the occasional roar of the burners to keep you at altitude. After about an hour of flight time you will prepare for landing, which won't be quite as smooth as take off! You will finish off the experience by helping the crew to pack away the balloon, and return to the start point. You will end this fantastic experience by enjoying a Champagne Toast with a commemorative flight certificate presentation.

This experience is valid for weekday mornings only, excluding Bank Holidays.

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This experience is valid for weekday mornings only, excluding Bank Holidays.

The season runs from March through October. You should try and book your flight three/four weeks in advance.
Please note: Currently not available in Nottingham, Gloucestershire, Oxfordshire, North West and Cumbria.


Minimum Age: 8
Maximum Age: No maximum age, but you must be able to climb in and out of the basket.
Minimum Height: 4’6”
Maximum Weight: 18 stone

*Please Note: Flights booked at the Evesham, Stafford, Stratford-upon-Avon, Ashbourne, Norfolk, Suffolk and Worcester locations no longer include Champagne, but will include additional flying time in place.

This experience is valid for weekday mornings only, excluding Bank Holidays.


Experience Duration: 01:00

Time Spent at Venue: 04:00

The flight lasts for about 1 hour, although you will need to leave up to 4 hours for the whole experience.

Group Size & Spectators

Participants: The Weekday Sunrise Hot Air Balloon Flight for 2 People is for 2 participants.

Max Group Size: +10

Spectators Allowed on Site: Yes

There will be a maximum of 18 people sharing the flight on the day.
Spectators are welcome to watch the balloon launch. If an alternative launch site is used, they will have to make their own way there.

Where is it Located
What to wear

No Special clothing is required. Ordinary outdoor clothes suitable for the time of year will be fine. You will be taking off and landing in a field so comfortable, solid shoes are a good idea. No high heels ladies (and gents!!) Ladies are advised to wear trousers.


Hot Air Ballooning is very weather dependent. There must be wind speeds of less than 10mph, reasonable visibility and no rain or snow. You will be asked to phone the operator prior to the flight to check conditions. If the weather is unsuitable for whatever reason, you will simply need to rebook for another convenient day.

Average rating: 5 stars out of 5


As I am extremely scared of heights this was a major achievement for myself. My husband bought the ticket as a present and didn't know I would be able to complete. The morning of the flight was calm and we arrived at the field to be greeted by the pilot and several others who where inflating the balloon as the sunrise was coming up. It was a beautiful sight. When it was time we all climbed into the basket with the others in no time at all the balloon rose from the ground so gently. In no time we were floating above the fields with the pilot giving us a commentary of where we were flying over. It was so peaceful and gentle and an experience I am so glad I did. I now intend on booking another balloon trip later this year at a different location.

- shropshire
Verified Experience Days Participant

Excellent day and felt totally confident in the pilot, Kim. Surprised by the amount of involvement of passengers in the pre-flight preparation and post-flight pack up. Enjoyed being involved and my only negative comment is that the petrol-driven fan used to cold-inflate the ballon was excessively noisy (I had to stand next to it and it became painful). Drifting over the English countryside on a bright, sunny morning is an unforgettable experience. Somehow it seems totally natural to be in the open air, in a small basket and looking down at the ground from anything up to 1500ft. The silence is punctuated only by the occasional blast from the burners - when they stop it simply reinforces the ambient peace and quiet. Landing is clearly a very skilled operation and Kim managed it perfectly. It was only on the ground that we discovered that landowners take a variety of views about balloons landing, unannounced, in their fields. Kim proved himself to be an accomplished diplomat and all was well, but we later heard stories that this is not always the case.

Verified Experience Days Participant

Verified Experience Days Participant
£ 255