Suffolk AFF Skydiving Course

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Become a qualified independent skydiver within days with this fantastic course! Receive expert tuition & see just how fast you progress. You will skydive at least 8 times as you work for your licence!

  • Beccles (Suffolk)
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£ 1430

Suffolk AFF Skydiving Course

Become a qualified independent skydiver within days with this fantastic course! Receive expert tuition & see just how fast you progress. You will skydive at least 8 times as you work for your licence!

If you want to learn how to skydive independently as quickly as possible, then the Accelerated Freefall (AFF) course is for you! It is a new progressive skydiver teaching syllabus which will take you from complete beginner to a Category 8 qualified skydiver in as little as 8 tuition jumps. The AFF course is based on eight levels of accomplishment, and there is normally one skydive at each level. The course will cover enjoy a range of theory classes, static line jumps and solo jumps, so you will gain a tried and tested knowledge of all skydiving aspects. By the end of the course, you'll be able to enjoy free fall anywhere in the world... solo!The course commences with a full day of ground tuition with your Instructor. This covers the theory and practice of skydiving and the use of your parachute system. You will learn safety procedures, how the equipment operates, how to exit the aircraft with your instructors, how to maintain control and communicate in freefall, how to initiate the opening of the main parachute, and how to steer down to the landing area and land safely. Before jumping, you will practise all the procedures for both your skydive and the parachute descent until your instructors are completely satisfied with your abilities.
Next, you'll take the aircraft right ‘to the top’ - around 13,000 feet - and with one instructor at each side you'll exit the aircraft and put your new skills to the test. With the maximum amount of time in freefall, and the very best instructors at your side, you'll get the ultimate experience and the maximum achievement! Once you've deployed your own parachute, you'll fly it safely back to the landing area yourself and meet your instructors for a de-brief and a 20 minute brief for your next skydive. After a minimum of eight jumps you will be skydiving by yourself.

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Your Accelerated Freefall (AFF) course in Suffolk is available all year round but is weather dependent.


Minimum Age: 16 (16 & 17 year olds need written consent from parent or guardian)
Maximum Age: 50+ are generally not accepted for this jump
Maximum Weight:15 stone

A reasonable, but not high degree of fitness and agility is required for your AFF course in Suffolk . All students must be within their recommended Body Mass Index (height in proportion to weight). On the day of the jump ALL skydivers will be required to complete the British Parachute Association Student Parachutist Declaration of Fitness. If you are over 40, or have a medical condition that may affect your ability to freefall or parachute safely, you will require a doctor’s certificate to be completed in advance. If you are disabled this does not mean you cannot skydive - please contact the centre for more details.


Experience Duration: 00:00

Time Spent at Venue: 00:00

Duration of your Accelerated Freefall Course in Suffolk can vary due to weather and your own circumstances. Given good weather, the course may sometimes be completed in as little as 3 days.

Group Size & Spectators

Participants: The Suffolk AFF Skydiving Course is for 1 participant.

Max Group Size: Private

Spectators Allowed on Site: Yes

Spectators are welcome to watch your jumps for your AFF course near Norwich, and refreshments and toilets will be available at the centre.

Where is it Located
What to wear

For your AFF course in Suffolk, you should wear casual, comfortable clothing that allows you to move freely. Please wear suitable footwear e.g. trainers.


Your Accelerated Freefall (AFF) course in Suffolk is weather dependent. Good visibility and broken cloud are required. The base of the cloud must be no lower than the opening height of the parachute. The maximum wind speed for Tandems is 20 knots. If you are unable to jump as a result of poor weather, you will be able to rearrange a new date.

£ 1430