• NOV 9, 2017
  • WRITTEN BY: Rebecca Wilkinson

If you want the perfect gift for someone who enjoys visiting London, I can’t recommend this one-hour yoga class at The Shard enough! Not only will they participate in a fantastic yoga class, led by a professional instructor – they’ll also do this against an unbelievable backdrop. At the end of the class, they can walk around the room and properly take in the breathtaking sights, before finally receiving a few gifts to take home.

As we approached the entrance to The Shard, we saw a group of people gathered around, eagerly waiting to enter for the yoga class. Not long after arriving, a very smartly dressed man checked everyone in and directed us through the main entrance hall. Swiftly going through security, we were taken to the elevators. Although I’d already visited The Shard, I felt a whole different level of excitement this time – knowing how few people were there this early and looking forward to a superb yoga experience.

I couldn’t believe that, within a matter of seconds, we were already entering the room, I was instantly blown away by the views. The entire room had glass windows, providing an unbelievable view of the capital. It was no surprise everyone immediately rushed towards them to take in the early morning sights. You can’t beat being one of only a few guests in the United Kingdom’s tallest building!

After about 10 minutes – once everyone had picked a yoga matt and taken their seats – the class began. Leo, our instructor, introduced himself and gave a brief introduction to how the class would run. By positioning himself in the corner of the room, he ensured both sides had a clear view of the yoga positions he assumed. The class was excellent. We started off by going over some basic poses, before moving on to some more difficult ones. As someone with very little yoga experience, it took a few moments to fully understand where my legs and arms were supposed to be! By the end, however, I felt fairly confident and thoroughly enjoyed the new experience.

At the end of the class, we had an opportunity to walk around and properly take in the views of London. It was amazing to see landmarks, like Canary Wharf, the Houses of Parliament, Buckingham Palace, Westminister Abbey, The London Eye, St Paul’s Cathedral, 20 Fenchurch Street, Tower Bridge and One Canada Square from such a high viewpoint. After taking some final photographs, we made our way to the exit. To our surprise, just before we left, we were handed a surprise goodie bag to take home with us!

Overall, our yoga class at the The Shard was definitely an experience to remember. If you’re looking to treat someone special and want to give them an experience sure to leave lasting memories, I can’t recommend this class enough. As it’s set at a beginner’s level, this is the perfect introduction for anyone with little or no yoga experience. On the other hand, it’s also an unforgettable experience for any experts who might enjoy a change of scene.

Thank you very much to Leo for being such a fantastic instructor and to everyone at Yogasphere for providing such an incredible experience – we’ll be back very soon!

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