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Glitter, magic and laughter. These are the three words that come into my head when I think of our experience at Petite Fairytale Boutique. On the 23rd September, I became the best cousin in the world! I invited my seven-year-old cousin Carla and her best friend Honey to take part in a fairy makeover that they would remember forever. At 8.30am we set off for Worthing, and even though it was raining, this didn’t dampen our mood. My auntie drove us, and I explained to the girls the exciting day we had instore. 

As our Sat Nav informed us of our arrival, we spotted a beautiful white and pink shop, with pink roses either side of the door. We parked in a public car park located nearby, and walked down to the shop, Carla and Honey beaming with excitement. We walked through the roses and into the shop where two fairies greeted us. They introduced themselves as Fairy Ella and Fairy Primrose, and as one showed the girls around, the other made us a hot cup of tea. Honey and Carla’s little faces lit up at the sight of all the dresses. They were given soft white robes to wear and seated in the makeover section. Two raised chairs faced the heart-shaped mirrors with flowers daintily decorating the room. The fairies transformed half the girls’ hair into adorable bows, while the other half was gently curled. They looked so pretty, and my aunt and Honey’s mum were immediately curious to learn how they could copy this for school! Once their hair was complete, a sparkling tiara was placed on their heads and fairy dust sprinkled as they made a wish. Carla was lucky enough for her little Piglet toy to have fairy dust sprinkled on him, too. 

Next, it was time for the girls to have their nails painted. They sat in a cute little booth with their fairy opposite them, and looked through the variety of glittery colours available. Carla and Honey had already told me in the car that their favourite colours were pink and purple, so I wasn’t surprised when Carla had pink glitter and Honey had purple! If a manicure wasn’t enough, Princess Ella then opened a book of tattoo designs. From unicorns to fairies, the girls loved looking through the book before choosing matching unicorns. They were able to design the colours their tattoos would be. Carla went for all the colours, while Honey chose the simple combination of purple and blue. When the stencils were removed to reveal their tattoos, massive smiles spread across the girls’ faces as they admired the beautiful artwork on their arms.

The fairies had a variety of colours of face glitter to go on the girls’ cheekbones, which looked amazing alongside their hair and tiaras. There is also the option to complete the look by choosing a dress out of the many designs available. They went off to the dressing room, but not before admiring themselves in the long mirror. A few minutes later, they both walked out in their pink sparkling dresses, and I don’t think I have ever seen anything cuter! Clearly having a fantastic time, they posed for photos with the fairies so they would never forget this magical day. 

At Petite Fairytale Boutique, you can also build a bear! Or a unicorn, or a rabbit... so, with their Mums’ permission, the girls chose a teddy from the many that were sat on the shelves to build and bring home. It was no surprise that Carla went for a pink unicorn, and Honey a purple and white bunny! They went through to a different room which was just as beautifully decorated, and the fairies helped them fill the toys with soft stuffing. Before the toys were zipped up, Carla and Honey were given a purple star to put inside. But first, they had to hold it extra tight and make a wish that they would stay best friends forever! Their little scrunched up faces were so adorable. 

As the experience drew to a close, the girls thanked the fairies and put their coats on to once again brave the weather after being in a Disney world of their own! The Fairy Makeover Experience in Worthing is a little girl’s dream made into a reality, and one I would very much recommend as a gift for all the daughters, cousins and loved ones you would like to pamper and spoil! 

Thank you to Petite Fairytale Boutique for inviting me, and allowing my cousin and her best friend to have an unforgettable day of magic! My aunt told me that after a delicate night’s sleep (to preserve their fairy princess hair) they loved showing off their hair and nails to all their friends in year 3. I can foresee several parties taking place from the girl’s school!


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