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As our Champneys visits were drawing to a close, we travelled up to Hertfordshire to visit Champneys Tring. We followed the signs to the driveway, and pulled into a parking bay. There was only a short walk until we saw the grand manor house, Tring! The original health spa is situated within 170 acres of parkland, on a former Rothschild family-owned estate. As we walked into the reception, there was a festive atmosphere with Christmas trees and lights. A welcoming receptionist checked us in and handed us our Champneys robes and flipflops, before escorting us to the treatment waiting room.

Matthea had kindly booked Willow and I in for a Spa Heaven Cocoon treatment each, and we eagerly sat in the leisurely waiting room. It wasn’t long before my beauty therapist, Sharwaa, called my name and guided me to the treatment room. She ran through what the treatment consisted of, then asked me if I have any places I would like her to focus on or medical issues she needs to be aware of. This was a great opportunity for me to explain how my left shoulder has been in pain recently. Then it was time for me take my place on the table and enjoy the full body exfoliation. Sharwaa used Champneys very own Cloud Nine Body Scrub, which smelled of coconut. Once I was scrubbed clean, I went into the shower to wash the exfoliator off. My skin had never felt so soft and smooth! Next, it was time for the full body massage using Champneys Heavenly Days Body Souffle. Once my body had been moisturised to the max, I was wrapped in a foil wrap. This enabled the moisturiser to soak into my pores, which open with heat. During the nourishing wrap, Sharwaa gave me an amazing foot and hand massage. For someone with ticklish feet, I was proud of myself for not flinching! If this wasn’t enough, I also had a Head in the Clouds Massage, which was simply amazing. The hour passed far too quickly, and it was already time to re-join the world. I can honestly say that was the most relaxed I have ever been, and my therapist said this showed by how easy the knots in my left shoulder were soothed.  There are many amazing treatments on offer at Champneys, and I would definitely recommend the Heaven Cocoon!

After Willow and I were reunited in the waiting area, we made our way to the swimming pool. There was a big Thalasso pool which had jets all around. We laid on the jets and relaxed in the hot water, before taking a dip in the Jacuzzi. Of course, we couldn’t miss going into the sauna and stream room. There is also a tranquil relaxation room with lots of beds and a fire, for those of you who wish to have some quiet time. Alternatively, if you would like to break a sweat, there is a gym and a range of fitness classes on offer. Once we were changed, we walked around the Champneys shop which had all their beauty products, designer handbags, clothes and even Champneys teddy bears. I couldn’t help but buy the Cloud Nine Body Scrub that my beauty therapist had used.

As the sun was setting and the frost began to bite, Willow and I made our way to the departure desk. We had an exquisite time at Champneys Tring, and will be returning in the future when we are in need of another relaxing break.


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