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Having seen the photos online, Gemma and I were thrilled to be given the opportunity to take part in the Ultimate Spa Day at Brooklands Hotel and Spa. Our day would include use of the facilities, a treatment, and an afternoon tea. What more could you want from a pamper day?

Brooklands is located in Weybridge, Surrey, right next to Mercedes World. As we approached Weybridge, the signs for Brooklands were becoming ever more frequent, and we could tell that the hotel was an excellent selling point for the town. As we approached the final roundabout, we could see the gated exit into Brooklands and Mercedes World. The road runs parallel to the Mercedes track, and clearly instructs you on where to park in order to enter the Brooklands Hotel and Spa. 

Once parked up directly outside the hotel and spa, we grabbed our bags and headed to the entrance. The reception had incredibly high ceilings, and an architectural light design swirling in copper above us. The staff were incredibly welcoming, and showed us to the lift which took us to the floor the spa was on. The spa reception was directly in front of the lift. Here we were given our robes, flip flops and a consent form to sign. The reception had a modern design and a wooden theme, which gave the whole interior a natural feeling. Inside, there were plenty of beauty and shower products to purchase. The reception then led into the tea and coffee area, which is where we would be having our afternoon tea later that day. 

A staff member led us to the changing rooms, and we changed into our robes. The area contained lockers, mirrors, and hair facilities. An attaching room included a steam room, sauna, and showers. After having a look around, we headed back to the reception to be called for our treatments. 

Gemma was having a Divine Back Massage, whilst I was booked in for an Express Facial. The treatment rooms were warm and calming, and the lighting was dimmed, making them perfect for relaxing. I can speak on behalf of Gemma and myself when I say that the outcomes were superb! My skin was glowing - and Gemma, who usually suffers with back pain, was also feeling the benefits.

Now feeling incredibly refreshed and rejuvenated, we wandered down to the relaxation area and outdoor hot tub. Whilst letting our treatment oils set in, we relaxed out in the tranquil meditation room. I could easily have napped there and then, but instead we went out to the outdoor hydrotherapy hot tub, and were amazed by the beautiful view. We were also intrigued to see the outdoor area overlooked the Mercedes World track, and found it surprisingly peaceful watching the motors go by. The sculpted seats meant we could sit back and fully take in our surroundings whilst bubbling away!

It was now 3 o’clock, and that meant tea time! We went back to reception and were led into the café area, which was fitted with soft grey furnishings and wooden tables. We sat by the window, where a little sign reading ‘Willow & Gemma’ greeted us. This was such a lovely touch. We were offered a range of teas from fruit to herbal, but both decided on a traditional English Breakfast brew. A few moments later, our afternoon tea for two appeared on a wonderful 3 tier stand.

On the bottom level were crustless sandwiches filled with a variety of fillings, such as egg mayonnaise, cucumber or salmon with cream cheese, and ham and mustard. The second level held four warm fruit scones (these were delicious!) and three pots of strawberry jam, lemon curd, and clotted cream. The final tier was decorated with beautifully designed sweet treats, including strawberry mousse and little vanilla sponge cupcakes. 

What a great day! The facilities and afternoon tea were divine, and extremely luxurious. It really does make the perfect gift for someone special who deserves an indulgent day of pampering. A huge thanks to Rebecca for organising our trip, and for all the staff who made our visit an experience we will never forget!


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